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  1. Martia

    Discussion Aqua Splendor

    Thanks @Heffernan Worked for me on Android too, so I can at least do the tasks, But still unable to open event Windows to spend event currency or see daily price
  2. Martia

    Ads in the game?

    Why pay? You get 1 kp for watching the advertisement
  3. Martia

    Ads in the game?

    Also in research you can watch ads and get "help", one kp per advertisement
  4. Martia

    Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    Same here, Version outdated and no update offered in Playstore
  5. Martia

    Fixed [44324] Wrong quests?

    I've had the quest list too and completed it today. Hope the gained diamonds and the other stuff will not be taken away.
  6. Martia

    Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    My diamonds Stock got from nearly 25000 to 22000 :(
  7. Martia

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    If you do not have a PC you can do a workaround to start the event quests. Just start your browser on your mobile(for me fire Fox works good for that) go to beta elvenar, say in the browser you want to have the desktop mode, so it will not start the app and log in your account. You will not see...
  8. Martia

    Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    An announcement in the game would have been nice, that the event for app players will not start to play. You shouldn't have to go to the forum just to find out what happened. I managed to start the tasks in the event logging into the game with the desktop mode of my browser on the tablet
  9. Martia

    Daily Login Gift - Mobile = yes / PC = no

    Maybe because app Player are still excluded from manual fighting and from all the mousover informations everywhere
  10. Martia

    Fixed [42727] Winter Magic Daily Exclusive gives wrong reward

    Same for me, have now 7 fragile bubbles
  11. Martia

    Beta Palace is looking for new active players

    We will have 3 free spots soon, if you're interested to join, message our archmage becks or one of the mages
  12. Martia

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Please help! Golden Bracelets September 2022 Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - 520 Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - 4400 Ch. 6 - 6800 Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - 13k Ch. 9 - 18k Ch. 10 - 24k Ch. 11 - 30k Ch. 12 - 40k Ch. 13 - Ch. 14 - Ch. 15 - Ch. 16 - 72k Ch. 17 - Ch. 18 - Ch. 19 -101k Ch. 20 - 118k New Sack of Coins...
  13. Martia

    Text New tech tree vs. hints while app starting

    The hints while starting the app say in chapter 3 you can open the spire. It seems with new tech tree spire just opens in chapter 5. Frustrating for new players.
  14. Martia

    Beta Palace is looking for new active players

    We have again two free spots in our fellowship
  15. Martia

    Fellowship description in other languages.

    By the way, I could (nearly) translate a Czech, Hungarian and Netherlands fellowship description with Google camera translator, maybe that could be the fourth possibility
  16. Martia

    Fellowship description in other languages.

    As you said, we all agreed to the rules, why a reminder?
  17. Martia

    Fellowship description in other languages.

    If a fellowship writes their description in another language they obviously mean not all players but just the one speaking their language. I would be annoyed if there would be tickets sent or fellowships forced to change their description just of curiosity. They also could have no fellowship...
  18. Martia

    Fellowship description in other languages.

    What would the benefit for you to force these fellowships to change their fellowship description in English? Just for pure curiosity? Maybe it's a little bit against the rules but does it harm somebody? Would you join if they have an English description that chat language is Hungarian?
  19. Martia

    New but not new ahha

    welcome at beta, happy gaming here