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  1. Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    Killing someone's pets is not a joke.
  2. Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    Well, I may quit the game entirely. If this sort of chat is allowed, I don't want to be a part of it. And from what I'm learning, really nasty and horrible attacks and violent content is not only condoned, but encouraged.
  3. Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    It's really put me off the game entirely. Because it's not funny, it's not a joke, and it's not suitable to be in a game. I love this game, but if this sort of stuff is allowed, maybe I should delete my accounts.
  4. Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    Sorry to come to this forum, but for some reason, I can't register for the forum in the us server, it keeps rejecting the password that it accepts when I log into the game. Well . .. a player was joking about his dog 'ripping up' cats and I was shocked and horrified. What made it worse was no...
  5. A new event - no Fellowship Adventure ?

    You know what would really be sweet? If they made 'universal' evolve artefacts
  6. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I had a good time with this event in beta, got everything done and my Phoenix evolved to 10. Got my Goddess statue. Lovely artwork, and I adore this one.
  7. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    Well, so far, it's pretty decent, but the set is just too big, so I'm not bothering with keeping it. Graphics, as always, are glorious, the artistes you employ are amazing. Just hoping that the tasks don't get to insane, you know, back to back mass KPs, etc, which I did complain about the last...
  8. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    I've found that making as many time spells as I can works for me in my main account. I'm not working very hard in this one, because I don't want to get burned out. We had a discussion about game burnout when you have more than one city and try to make them all 'competitive' I just noticed I...
  9. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Totally agree. I've seen it happen.
  10. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Is it just me, or did they arbitrarily turn the 75 total quests to 99, thus making getting the Goddess of Wishes very, very difficult? That's what I go for in my main city, I don't have room for all of the event buildings and since it's getting impossible to get all of the evolves, not...
  11. Events Latest event

    Because my Beta account is so new, I gave up on the event by number 20. In my main account, I've been getting all of the tasks done every time. Now, you SAID you wanted honest feedback. Here it is. Many of the beta people here said that the tasks are INSANE, stacking endless 'buy KP" and...
  12. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    I've given up on this on my beta account, because I'm simply too low level to even try to complete the tasks. I'm playing it on my main account, to get stuff I can turn into spell fragments, but not putting in my best effort. Far too many requests for buying KPs, spell fragments, and obviously...
  13. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

  14. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    Yes, it also means that the best fellowships will have fewer openings, and will be a lot more demanding, so the newer players will have a hard time finding a place. I've noticed how picky they can be. I like the guild I'm in with my main account, my beta account is just to try out new stuff...
  15. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    Well, bully for you. Your experience does not negate mine.
  16. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    The 'prizes' I've gotten out of the 'lost goods' have been less than impressive. It also makes it hard on newer players, who simply can't be expected to do enough of the tasks to afford the 420 packs, and collect 5 cats per day. I'm not even bothering now, I've stopped playing and will put in...
  17. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    That has not been my experience. Please don't try to tell me what I've learned, you have no idea. Many of the fellowships are very elitist, demanding certain boosted goods, as well as minimum rating numbers.
  18. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    Yes, I noticed that in my main city. Used to be, if you finished all 75 tasks, you'd've obtained all evolves, now, even when you do, not even close, unless you buy diamonds, and this two tier Royal thing is so . ... . greedy. Even if your fellowship gets all three chests in the FA, you get...
  19. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    Generally speaking the FAs with the 'big guns' don't want newbs.
  20. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    I don't have any pets! In my main account I have a Phoenix, but none here.