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  1. lehayes

    Message/Mail Bug Adjustment

    When posting the initial message in the mail system, the content of the post gets cut off near the bottom. FIX: add a blank line followed by a period on the following line and your content
  2. lehayes

    Incomplete Session Timed Out!

    I now, thanks to advancement make 3 Hr runs. Every time I go to that window and tab, I get the error SESSION TIMED OUT. I expect to go to my Elvenar Window and start reloading production as soon as my timer goes off. Not add another 5-10 min lag depending on the internet/router screwing up...
  3. lehayes

    PTBs - Are you planning to ever fix the App?

    If you apply Rule 7 to every player, every player is pushing all app-only players until they (app only players) can spend KP on other players.
  4. lehayes

    Question about pushing

    §7 Pushing • Operating a “push-account” is forbidden. This is defined as unbalanced routine resource (resources, Knowledge Points etc.) transfers from one account to the next even if involved accounts do not belong to the same player. It is forbidden to create trades in any form (goods...
  5. lehayes

    Another Choice

    This must be a fellowship, by that I mean you have one simple rule: Love your Brother/Sister as yourself. That should cover everything; if not, read Further... Simply put, if you believe it's your job to empower your "Fellows" as you are able, Please Join the Righteous Traders Guild...
  6. lehayes

    Fair Trades: Are they really?

    Firstly, I believe whatever value the game sets the goods at is a truly fair trade. The purpose of (I'm a phonetic speller, so of comes out even though I know it's: of; just in case I miss an edit.) this thread is to hear the other side in a clear and concise voice. . I live in a capitalistic...
  7. lehayes

    Looking fro a New home Either: Ch4 Plank-Silk-Dust or Ch2 Plank-Silk-Gem City or both

    Looking for a Fellowship where my Economic contribution and Neighborly help and a desire to play Fellowship Adventures cooperatively are desired. Seeking a fellowship that disagrees with the 5:2:1:0 Philosophy. To that end I've developed a safe (trades will never be taken by the world) fair...
  8. lehayes

    New Game Features AW selection Page.

    Description World-wide Yellow-Pages for: How can I find active AW builders. Motivation Be able to see (game world wide) whom wants to be building which ruins. Then anyone can go to the player building the AW they want/need and compete for Ruins using their KP. Possible downsides Players will...
  9. lehayes

    Getting lots of steam errors, anybody else?

    Can't stay connected.
  10. lehayes

    Can we please have this screen back?

    or , maybe a double click for the one with names? I was in the Wiki looking at something and came across the left image. I'm guessing the names are only through Chapter 9, that could mean a double wide image could be needed to view all the ruins; that could be why it was decommissioned in the...
  11. lehayes

    Could you please add an option to the Quick Navigation Menu?

    Make the forum's opacity 0, so we can see the artwork behind the forum from somewhere. Suggestion: Use the activation button. Leaving it's Opacity: 100 (sucks for the Spire).
  12. lehayes

    Why are we not allowed to write in HTML?

    I've been to the Questions and Help section. But this seems like more of a General Discussion question; feel free to move it if you must, but please give it a week or two here to get some response, if you can.  Please. I have seen BB's that allow it like changing fonts. We should easily...
  13. lehayes

    Not an error Frustrating BUG

    Edit Post by lehayes screen/popup Major flaw! [ commands] do not appear when editing, and CENTER migrates. Can you have the editor add a space as I did to make them appear, please? This way we can see, remove space, only have one set, and place them properly. Allowing   to function would...
  14. lehayes

    Duplicate How about combat spells?

    Don't want to use relics. How about crafting Battle Scrolls? Choose Offense or Defense on creation. And, how about a selection in the crafting? What, the blacksmith is out of stock? Maybe drop-downs? You have 5 items, that could be 5 categories, drop-downs or not. But, I'd rather have them...
  15. lehayes

    Cannot reproduce Newest tournament issue - refusing to return to clearing provence

    Twice in a row this has when clearing the province for the elixir tile, last ! the battle refuses to return, leaving me wondering about province expansion. Still loading: after 20 min. Did I loose out on a second province expansion when I cleared my 3rd tile? I got the assignment...still a...
  16. lehayes

    User Interface Directory Page

    How about a directory, a page with all member photos. Instantly see who's online. Really want to make it flexible: Let us move the profile pics to where we want them: frequent conversations, getting to know you, all by where we put them on the screen, like the game... That's the thought for...
  17. lehayes

    Cannot reproduce Can't Logout!

    I'm playing on my app and I want to play my human. I can't log out of my elf to play my human. Are you willing to fix the App?
  18. lehayes

    Incomplete military buildings not able to train new troops

    I don't have my form as I'm using the app. But the green bar appears and no troops appear on subsequent touches. The sound of the click happens.
  19. lehayes

    Welcome NEW Player's - Please ask Questions

    I think, this game is best played into a Form! It's cool, you get to design your own form. I'll discuss mine as I play. Having gotten into Ancient Wonders (AW), I've decided it'd be a shame not to advance my AW. I started off thinking Slow Chapter Advancement would be a good thing. Perhaps...
  20. lehayes

    New Game Features View building ThumbNails (TNs - 120px)

    The initial Idea was to create an item on your Right-Click Menu that showed the proper Level's picture for the current viewed Village's Builder's Hut TN image is displayed in a new floating (can grab and drag) window while the viewing player hunts for the building. The complete idea is that...