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  1. Tadjiema

    House Martell wants you to join...

    Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Alone among the Great Houses of Westeros the Martells of Dorne never bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror. They were once conquered by Daeron I Targaryen, but after his death, they rebelled and became independent once more. They have been Targaryen bannermen for little...
  2. Tadjiema

    On which server will you play?

    beta and german
  3. Tadjiema


    native german, english and a bit spanish and italian, cause compulsory latin as first speech at school -.-
  4. Tadjiema

    Fixed [4570] Loading stops at 64%

    Well ok, thx for the hint. With privacy mode (am using firefox) it works now. I closed the browser and used CCleaner (latest version 5.03.5128). At first, when any firefox option of the CCleaner was selected except "site preferences", i was stuck at 64% once more, but after I selected that...
  5. Tadjiema

    Fixed [4570] Loading stops at 64%

    similar to me, I knew the 64% bug, but when I reloaded the homepage, the bug was often away and I could log in normal... but atm I'vgot an 68% bug using version 0.12.13005-066e71f-(master) and if I reload the page, I'm always stuck at 68% :(