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  1. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Does it work for you without a Mage? I find it difficult to win such combinations without 1 Mage on my side
  2. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    To fight something like this as a Human, I would place my units in that order: Mage-Crossbow-Crossbow-Crossbow-Mortar The Mage should be safe, as long as there is a Crossbowman in the 2nd slot (from my experience)
  3. Discussion May Celebrations

    I have a Stonehenge building on my live city, from the last spring grand prize. My Stonehenge building is level 9, so I wanted to know if you will allow to complete evolution. More options for us to advance, means more reason for us to follow your updates. While you enjoy developing new...
  4. Discussion May Celebrations

    @Marindor The 2019 Stonehenge artifacts - are you releasing those, to allow people complete evolution of the last year buildings?
  5. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    I like the idea, to bring back old buildings for diamonds. @Arthus I feel like it's pretty much an alternative to the normal diamond cultural buildings, like Snail. From a glance, the prices seems in line with the normal cultural buildings. @edeba I find it hard, to follow your narration, as...
  6. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    @palmira Well, it looks like it was intended to allow the players to win 6-7 artifacts from the event and 2 from the upcoming FA. As for the missing artifacts, again, it does looks like we are expected to either pay, or wait for a future chance to get those for free @Heymrdiedier No idea. I'm...
  7. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    The building is bad. Period. You say, it's fine to give us a bad building, for main prize? I hear that. Btw, what about Wishing well? Was it removed from the events?
  8. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    Craftable artifacts, is a nice addition to this event. As for Coldfire's new stats, if the intent was to create a weak building, they did succeed. The production amount, would be still meh even for 24 hours.
  9. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    Thank you. So if my calculation is correct, it is a total of 3618 Sentient goods in 48 hours. In comparison, my lvl 27 marbler produces 5896 moonstone in 3 hours. Ok... My opinion: the Сoldfire's sentient output needs to be multiplied by 10-20 to make a decent or good building. Thank you. Edit...
  10. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    Hello. Where can I find the Coldfire's stats for Elementals chapter?