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  1. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Does anyone know what can be generated with portal profits in chapter 21 please?
  2. Indianaking

    Discussion The Cauldron

    After almost 6 years of playing, I've already taken a longer break from playing at live server because I don't like the development of the game in the last 2 years at all. If the cauldron is now also involved in events, I'm finally completely out of the game.
  3. Indianaking

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    What nonsense! Who came up with that? This is completely unnecessary and extremely annoying. :mad:
  4. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    Originally I had planned 4 breeding facilitys. In the meantime I will build at least 8, better 10. Fortunately, after long deliberations, I finally built the Temple of Spirits on my main server so I don't have to switch and can let the seed run through. Hopefully that's enough to run 8-10...
  5. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    Does anyone know please what you can generate with the portal profits and which resources do you have to produce or generate through the sale of the towers?
  6. Indianaking

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Set complete, collected twice a day - and am also an amateur. Fortunately, I don't care about the leagues, not even on live. :cool:
  7. Indianaking

    Answered Spire fellowship reward

    Chaotic, incomprehensible, not explained, completely unnecessary. There are much more important things to fix instead of inventing more colorful buttons.
  8. Indianaking

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    I don't care what this avatar looks like (and yes, I'm female). Since you only get it for completely unnecessary reaching a certain league anyway, it shouldn't really matter at all. These leagues are not a normal competition but simply an expression of who has paid the most. It's not worth the...
  9. Indianaking

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    So far, the Harvest Temple Set has been best for the basic goods for older players ;)) . I've always leveled that too, but the three new set parts with goods are even better. That's why I decided to only set up the set parts with the goods on live. The three of them only need 6 x 4 and deliver...
  10. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Chapter 18 has been around for a while - will the wiki be updated or do we have to wait until the chapter goes live? ;)
  11. Indianaking

    time warp + polar bear

    In my live world, I only have the timewarp at level 22, which means - 62%. I have two polar bears on 10 means - 40%. - So I can play throught the tournament completely with 1 x feeding Fire Phoenix. I always start feeding+boosters on Friday, so I can do 2 complete spires and 2 complete...
  12. Indianaking

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    That's the problem. As a scroll producer, getting your own bonus goods is doubly stupid. More seeds instead would of course be much better. btw- unfortunately, none of the new event buildings known so far will produce Unurium.
  13. Indianaking

    Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Is that correct that the 2 catalysts as a final reward in the tower are not counted towards the quest?
  14. Indianaking

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Right - that's a mistake in the description. The Spire text above is correct, the quest requirement is incorrect. I solved that quest with 4 x spire.
  15. Indianaking

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Small overview: Completely unchanged: Dwarven Brewery: 50x5min Carpenters: 10 x 3 hours Blacksmith: 5 x 24 hours Wonder Society: 10 AW Elvarian Guard Coins Changed or NEW: Farmers: now 10 x 9 hours (instead of 5 x 9 hours previously) Bracelet: some amount of wood, marble and / or steel...
  16. Indianaking

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    ...... and if there actually is a moon bear artifact (and it's not a bug) - is there again an exchange option at the academy ?
  17. Indianaking

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Even with us on the German server, opinions are split in two. On the one hand, the tournament professionals who have dealt intensively with the matter in the past few weeks are of course not enthusiastic. They are forced to try to adapt to the new circumstances - under great criticism. On the...
  18. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Since the portal actually only produces ElvenarinZero, it will be pretty much out of work for me as well. I will use my tons of PP's and save other resources . In any case, Unurium will be a pretty limiting factor for me, as I will produce more seeds than I can collect Unurium. For this reason...
  19. Indianaking

    Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Absolutely right, that's how I've always done it. Still, I would really like to know- please :) - if the big ships actually have to be directly connected to the flagships......