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  1. How difficult is it to full-clear the spire at the end of the tech tree?

    How difficult is it to full-clear the spire at the end of the tech tree? well, 1 chapter before: VERY difficult. why? easy: You'll need way more than just a fire phoenix if you fight and perhaps need to do it manually. sometimes starting before high halls. I HATE that lvl of difficulty. If you...
  2. How difficult is it to full-clear the spire at the end of the tech tree?

    spire is always too hard and the luck-factor sucks big time.
  3. Fixed [34595] Clock in chat window is awry

    clock is indeed way off. flash
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Enevhar Aldarion ; maybe; but that's just 1 reward for a massive amount of time/efford etc. @little bee not true; doing all=getting into the top 100. also bad rewards, but it's more than nothing. @Marindor sure inno doesn't know when or IF changes will come, because they'll just do whatever...
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    harder with no increase of rewards. i like different badges, but the rewards. COME ON...!!!
  6. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Will there be a 6th version of FA next time...?
  7. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Chest 11: 1diamond (as a start for better rewards for those chests) Chest 12; 2 Chest 13; 3 etc.
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Marindor ; @Jackluyt is right. this IS relevant, because (to me) this affects how we look at FA here.
  9. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Hereby I'd like to sent my MASSIVE COMPLAINT to the devs of inno. They're not doing what we expect them to do and this new Tournament proofs it without a doubt. I like to stay silent. That would mean nothing is wrong or what is happening, is acceptable. That's why I often seem pessimistic. But...
  10. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    6th=many points. sometimes worth it for top 100 position. haven't fought higher up yet, will try to do this week and give feedback.
  11. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    well, let's see if I can get some 2nd lvl's done this time (a nice amount)-to see what's up with this update. fingers crossed... hopefully not for a looooooong time, first it needs to work again...
  12. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    "16" is high? Do I live in a different universe?
  13. Other Blocking

    I never use less than 2 star trades and as far as i can recollect, neither 3stars. It's frustrating to see many 'not golden hands'. I like to appreciate my helpers, not be confronted to not get help back.. again... I rather don't see the loners than get once a month help. for the game; this...
  14. Other Blocking

    I like it. I don't like players that are selfish and take FA-trades, never give help etc. Being able to ignore them; clears the sky on the map:) however; if somebody is really abusing the game, support should be able to help out. Rules/guidelines/morel behavior should be uphold by support and...
  15. City Rebalancing AWs

    no need. only change in wonders; change specs of CL back to before. and you mention stuf that's progress too. I do not see a big difference. If you think it's worth explaining; come up with some numbers for now and after the change. Explain with facts how this would be a great change:)
  16. [Fellowships] Filters and other controls for fellowship applications

    it is important, because being positve about 20new idea's while we have a bunch of old ones and more important ones, is ok, but not the whole 'story'. trader? we want to be able to uncheck cross tier and less than 2 stars. from the start this was introduced. among other stuf. so; in short...
  17. [Fellowships] Filters and other controls for fellowship applications

    @SoggyShorts I don't agree. I do not know anything about the coding part; I just don't care enough. I know what I see and that is that we don't get important suggestions that are sometimes as old as the game (in some form) and what do we get? all kinds of stuff that is usually somewhat of an...
  18. [Fellowships] Filters and other controls for fellowship applications

    well, I rather have a well working game or better; a good tradesystem. things we use every day/every week opposed to 'sometimes'. edit: I'm certainly not against it, but as said: I rather have functions for daily use.
  19. City Mining - more space

    expensions are for everybody the same, besides for those who pay. (way too much) (because wishing wells are taken away too) 'mines' or whatever they'll be called, give the oppertunity for active players to gain space on top of expansions. But because they'll cost a massive amount, it should...
  20. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    no, it's about giving 3out of 5 or 2 out of 4 badges, not 1 or max. it just won't work without manually pressing the number on the keyboard.