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  1. Ideas for New Quests

    I DESPISE the buy 20kp quests. I don't WANT to do that. It is expensive and is only there to eventually force people to buy diamonds. I love the idea of place trades, accept trades from your team or neighbors, use specific enchantments, use troop instants, move buildings, upgrade roads, collect...
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    No, it won't, but it also won't screw up the collection timing. We lost THOUSANDS of badges. I should have had 94 badges and I am just at the dwarves chapter.
  3. Fixed wrong collect in FA

    I swept my city this morning, did 11 tournament rounds and 7 spire rounds, collected 26 vision vapor, 2+ weeks worth of CCs and enchantments from my MA, spent 90kp on wonders and used 20 enchantments I only got ONE BADGE for each thing. Plus I got 2 mystery chests with CCs in spire and ALL those...
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    They said they will fix the bug. Personally I say STOP the FA and start over after they have fixed the bug...sometime into the new year.
  5. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    The PERK POINTS are what has helped more FS get the 10th chest. We were "right there" before perk points and we haven't missed it since we got the first level reward. Now we are consistently getting 11 chests and 1x per month getting 12. (not that the rewards for the extra chests are "worth" it...
  6. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Universal evolves would be an AMAZING reward for the top 5 teams in an FA or something. I don't need another ferris wheel! I LOVE the fa's but spending diamonds or money to get to the top for the crap prizes that are offered isn't worth it. I WOULD bust it out for universal evolves!
  7. Events/FA balance

    One of those stupid sorceries will only evolve ONE building ONE time. In beta and, so far it looks like it in live, I will miss the last building in the set despite using 2 different tactics. Tactic 1 is choose the least expensive flag cost (58 for 2=29 each) is what I am doing in Win. In Ely I...
  8. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    I agree about only the top 5% getting last year's pilgrams buildings. I STARTED playing january last year. I got all but the last building in all my cities but one. However, I am NO WHERE CLOSE to being able to land in the top 5%, especially in the cities that NEED the extra building. PLUS, the...