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  1. ZenZebra

    Cannot reproduce Issues with Internal Email System

    Our team uses internal email to know who to contribute daily KP. This morning the email disappeared for our members. When asked, one member was able to "bump" the thread, but then the email disappeared from her system immediately afterwards. Another tried to send the email immediately...
  2. ZenZebra

    Ads in the game?

    I really appreciated that Inno kept this game free from ads, but I guess it was just a matter of time before they introduced these annoying pop ups as a way of funding their game development...
  3. ZenZebra

    Duplicate Strange graphics issue via beta server.

    Several players in my fellowship on beta are also reporting this issue and say that it is solved with some of their buildings when they upgraded the building. I'm not ready to upgrade all of my buildings to test to the theory...
  4. ZenZebra

    User Interface Account statement for premium currency (Diamonds)

    +1 My understanding is that some players did receive their diamonds back plus some additional diamonds as an apology. Others were told that it would be unfair to have the diamonds returned as the diamonds were given in error. While this may be true, there is no way to know the amount of diamonds...
  5. ZenZebra

    Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination

    Yes, heard reports that some people received their diamonds back with a bonus while others were told nope. Would love to see an email go to each person with an accounting of the diamonds removed from our accounts and an explanation of the diamonds removed so we can verify the correct amount were...
  6. ZenZebra

    Duplicate Unable to donate to AWs

    I am unable to donate to another players AW despite the player having all chests available and having just upgraded their AW. As someone who just started chapter 10, I am know it isn't because I'm not entitled to. lol
  7. ZenZebra

    Fixed [43482] Trader

    Accept trade when using browser and "Sorry, an internal error has occurred, Please try again later." When you click ok. Elvenar is forces the program to close and the entire program closes and you have to reload the program. This has happened to me 6 times in a row.
  8. ZenZebra

    Discussion The Cauldron

    There are many players in my fellowship who are very unhappy with the announcement that the Cauldron will become part of quest and requirements. Out of a full roster of players in our fellowship there are maybe two players who find any value in this feature. In fact, most of us don't even want...
  9. ZenZebra

    Contact(ed) support Creating Carpenter Badges Multiple Not Working

    More than once today I have harvested my 20 workshops for the 3-hour productions expecting 2 badges and yet have only received 1 badge each time. This is very disappointing. Yet I was able to process 2 blacksmith badges at the same time. The function also appears to be working for the...
  10. ZenZebra

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Are they trying to penalise larger cities and those in later chapters? It takes forever to earn coin badges now that I'm in Sorcerers and Dragons and to make a golden bracelet. It shouldn't require harvesting from 4 x level 17 or greater boosted with the spells on plus 3 hour productions x two...
  11. ZenZebra

    Duplicate Wholesaler Trading Options Duplicated and Confused

    Game version: v1.114-beta.7-(47a8b5e) (2020-09-17 22:26) HTML5 Yes/No: HTML Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome Flash Player version: Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10 Screen resolution: Account name: ZenZebra Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 4/5 (1/5 =...
  12. ZenZebra

    Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    I had 5 slots before so why would I only have 3 now? that is a bug!
  13. ZenZebra

    Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    only the barracks is fixed the mercenary camp still has restricted the number of slots you can train - I used to be able to train 5 now can only train 3 - really not great since my I just processed two squad upgrades in the last 2 weeks!
  14. ZenZebra

    Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    Certainly still problematic for me can't use barracks at all and still only have 3 slots for training in mercenary camp - working with browser.
  15. ZenZebra

    Fellowships Waypoint highlighting or locking in FA?

    I'm in favour of both so long as you can toggle the switch on and off.
  16. ZenZebra

    Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    I'm in favour of the change. Anything to stop the bickering. As it is I always made cross-tier 3 star trades so people were getting great deals, but this would be by and far a better idea for everyone involved.
  17. ZenZebra

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I appreciate the introduction of the new feature. My issue is that the announcement that went out didn't share that during the initial phase only autofight was enabled. We had to come here to find that out or report it as a bug to get a link to find out this was an issue. Next time please...
  18. ZenZebra

    Fixed [22835] Move to next page button doesn't work in HTML5

    The notifications won't let you tab through either