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  1. Luna Star

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hi! The adventure is in the final stretch and the bug has not yet been fixed, in my opinion the players should be rewarded with some badges since we have already lost some, especially those of the tournament and pinnacle, the green light does not appear, even when we collect, no it is being fair...
  2. Luna Star

    Winter event

    The problem is that people conform to the changes for the worse, before all events had a daily mission and if you went one day without playing the next day you could do it and win the items, but with the change saying that if wins x daily items is just to cover the sun with a sieve, this type of...
  3. Luna Star

    Winter event

    Surgery was just one example.
  4. Luna Star

    Winter event

    It may be that, but we all have a life beyond gambling, a disease, lack of electricity, internet failure, something that prevents a regular player from going without playing, 1, 2 or 3 days, there are possibilities and not just absence for comfort, in my case for example, I need surgery and I...
  5. Luna Star

    Winter event

    Hello! The last events come with the event items with no mission and only with the login, but before that happened we had a daily mission to accomplish for each daily bonus, so we could go 1 or 2 days without logging in that we would have the mission to accomplish and receive the 35 items of the...
  6. Luna Star

    Discussion May Celebrations

    Hello! A negative point I found at the event is a bonus of 10 flowers for a double mission, since we have to fulfill two requirements, the correct thing would be to have 20 reward flowers or to have only one requirement, the rest seems to have improved, at the moment I think that each mission...
  7. Luna Star

    Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    Hello! Trading between different tier products we understand, the percentage as well, but what we really mean is the abuse in the amount of offers on the market, eg 20 1/4 offers on the same product after 1/16 in the same product, ie 1 gem / 4 crystals and 1 gem / 16 tablets, are 20, 30 times...
  8. Luna Star

    Discussion Winter Magic

    This event is a joke is the fourth time that appears to me to buy 10 knowledge points, and lowering the price does not lower I do not buy KP nor to complete a survey now I have to buy another 10 KP without having to think well before sending this clown for the other servers, we are already tired...
  9. Luna Star

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Hello :mad: The Christmas event is not so bad, but hopefully when you go to the other servers, you change the option to buy knowledge points, they become more expensive with each purchase and with coins or products become unviable. I spent three Sometimes for the same mission to buy 10 knowledge...
  10. Luna Star

    Not a Bug world map not displaying correctly

    When I had trouble opening the map I switched to flash and it worked fine.
  11. Luna Star

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I can not, visiting, tournaments and provinces, it will be difficult to carry out the adventure of the brotherhood. I can not do the technologies My city has a bug.
  12. Luna Star

    Discussion Summer Solstice

    Put the missions of the last events that were satisfactory and the extras for the hurried and wealthy ones that are in the events, place to unlock expansion, upgrade level 15 or more, make 30 meetings and then get 50 relics, so it is good for everyone , the rush completes the missions and those...
  13. Luna Star

    Discussion Summer Solstice

    The events are increasingly decadent, the missions when they are improving the prizes are refusals, now this summer event is another disappointment, missions with no concept where those in the initial chapters can not perform and complete the missions, appeared again the missions followed by...
  14. Luna Star

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.60

    Now in Buildings the cultures do not show how much they provide of culture, population and the residences do not show the population
  15. Luna Star

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    I want to know why not all tickets count the amount collected, I noticed that not all provided the amount collected and I began to collect one at a time and expect to count the value but the ticket goes missing and not 'counted, my game must be with some bug
  16. Luna Star

    Quests A new and simpler way to rotate missions in FAs

    Because in all the events you put the missions to get relics and solve encounters one after the other? It is very exhausting because in some cases it is difficult to fulfill both missions in a row. We lost a lot of time. Ideally, there should be a space to facilitate, for example, the...
  17. Luna Star

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I suggest that the emblems we get in the adventure are stored in the inventory so we can use them in the next adventure, I have several emblems that I could not use.
  18. Luna Star

    Other Join Fellowship in Tech Tree

    Suggested Changes in Quarters and Training Fields Independent training for SOLDIERS each type should have 5 soldiers in training. 5 types of soldiers in barracks 5 types of soldiers on the training ground 5 types of soldiers in the field of mercenaries Totalizing 15 soldiers being trained in...