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  1. Ads in the game?

    Hi Annelore (and everyone elso, too), I must admit I hadn´t checked for a limit of the ads because I refrain from watching them. So I stand corrected here, there is a limit to how far you can influence the game with them. I also have to accept that to some players this way of "legal cheating"...
  2. Ads in the game?

    My dear fellow players of Elvenar, the implemention of ads in the game has a serious impact on the game balance alltogether. Since those ads allow you to literally have anything you want at any time you want and as frequently as you want to, then why keep playing? You can revive as many troops...
  3. Quest for Glory!

    Dear fellows and felines, wizards and sorceresses, amazons and warriors, dear merchants of all people all over the continent of Elvenar, The Shores of the Unknown are waiting for you! Together we explore the shrowded mystics and wonders of the Beta-World. May it be the battel for honour in the...