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  1. Elvenarian Alliance has 6 spots left at the moment, the perfect moment with FSA approaching

    Right shadow :p. Only one spot left now.
  2. Research Chapter titles in app

    It might even be a pop up when we touch it with our fingers. Just a way to see it.
  3. Research Chapter titles in app

    I do miss the chapter titles in the app. It would be nice to be able to see the names like on the computer. Cheers, Katinka
  4. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Back to normal for us players. :cool::D
  5. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Sorry, Primrose. I have been thinking and thinking. But can’t remember what it was.
  6. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    This would be interesting to know though, cause it certainly looks the same. Only on a smaller scale. I will do that. By a support ticket than?
  7. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Because of Ludwig’s reply I went to look on the outer edge of my world too. I was able to visit a few people too. Not many, just a few. This bug does affect the game very much though. It really is a vicious circle. Not enough provisions, because no visits to neighbours. Not able to do tower. Not...
  8. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    It is not the first time there was a mistery bug that took some time to fix, but they always do. Just hang in there.
  9. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Hello, Joeli from my fs, is affected too. Just wanted to let you know. I remember one of my fellowshipmembers saying it was resolved for him. So I'm trying to find out who that was, and will let you know.
  10. Elvenarian Alliance has 6 spots left at the moment, the perfect moment with FSA approaching

    We started 21st August 2022, grew slow, and then we merged with another small group of wonderful people. If you want to be in an active, but in a no drama fs, join us. Real live always goes first. Some people found beta too much for their life, so some are not so active anymore. If we fill up...
  11. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    It is still counting down for me, at least for the few neighbours I can visit.
  12. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Would it help to know that it also affects my trader? Most of the trades I see in my trader look like I haven’t discovered a lot on my world yet. What I see on my world is 1 circle and a north and south of my second circle. That is it. I can put however trades up, and they get taken. On...
  13. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Is there a solution in sight yet?
  14. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    Just wanted to let you know I’m affected too.
  15. Join Elvenarian Alliance

    We are still looking for 14 active members. We are the active members that came out of Beta Elvenar and are a nice international group. Chat is in English. We are active, but real life always goes first. We are in no way fanatics. We are looking for a full fs, to reach 10 chests in tournaments...
  16. Join Elvenarian Alliance

    Only 14 spots unspoken for... and just founded yesterday.
  17. Join Elvenarian Alliance

    We love Elvenar and we play when we can. There are no obligations except be nice and respectful with each other. We like to do tournaments, tower and fsa, without being fanatics. So if you like to be in an active team, be welcome. Play with us and enjoy! If you go on a vacation, please let us...
  18. I doubt this should be possible :-)

    In Arandyll, NL, I had to go almost - 50.000 population to get anywhere in Traders Of Unur.... I'm almost at the end of the chapter now, and it is resolved by making some serious choices, but for your guest races itself you don't need population. Just saying sometimes going negative population...
  19. Beta Elvenar

    Beta Elvenar. Laidback fs. Lots of places.