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  1. No comment

    I followed you tip (thanks) and placed one armory. The funniest thing it was that this was ok for barracks and terrain, but not for mercenary. Production is still impossible.
  2. No comment

    Anyway, I have now positive culture, but I still can't produce army, both app and PC. Same error message as above. @Deadeye Jerry @Konys , can you help me why? Edit: if I select a less of even very few units of the squad dimension to produce, the production starts. But this is possible only on...
  3. No comment

    I don't know if I will have the time/will to solve the new puzzle. This is even worst than the diamonds grabbing Edit 5 RR in placing a wonder. Of course, starting from tome. (thinking about new players) Another confirm (if needed) they do not play the game they develop.
  4. No comment

    This is the morning surprise. Negative culture, army productions in barracks, training and mercenary impossible. If someone got the same, please report HIS/HER troubles to the support.
  5. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    Thanks @Karvest , so it remains the mess in AW displaying (in app) This is what I see,
  6. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    * The display issue was fixed on the Ancient Wonders, the levels were mixed, and now they are in order. Wich order? In app there's still a real mess for the in city AW, NOTHING is in order and it came effective in ITA server too. Do we have to wait Thursday for this arrangement for app, if I...
  7. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    "By the way, there are no plans tu run the GA (FA) for the live servers during the winter event." Thanks God for small favor. Lately there's a large use of the White Rabbit's clock.
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The good news is we will win this FA simply opening the start point of the first map :cool: Ohuchh... sorry, wrong place. Now everyone knows how to win :(:p:D
  9. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    What? While an event is running????? If it is not a bloop, I don't know how to say "who cares"
  10. Announcements and Release Notes (Discord)

    Thanks a lot for you time, @FaunaWillow
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    You should write it in this way. :) And this is known, even if we don’t know it.
  12. Is Beta dying?

    Did it five minutes ago. I gave it a chance a few days ago, no way. Too much confused in reading and finding infos for me.
  13. Fixed [45469] Buildings for dummy

    Thanks @Dorfl the Clay, I didn't know about this "dummy affair". To avoid any "misunderstanding" about insults, that was only a joke :D The real point is that I think it should not appear. Edit: the good news is that a new race is "at work". Maybe.
  14. Fixed [45469] Buildings for dummy

    Game version: 1.185.0-757aa5b-256 (zz1.186) Game world: Beta 1 IOS version: 17.0.2 Mobile Device: ipad 9th Account name: Uffauffa Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always Current situation: opening the “settlements“ tab, buildings for “dummy” appear. Expected situation: Not...
  15. Not a Bug Access denied in app

    @Deadeye Jerry , if you’re asking me if it is “solved”, yes. It was solved a couple of minutes later I posted the original report here. Sorry, but that was a strange thing never happened before in such way.
  16. Not a Bug Access denied in app

    Ok, after half an hour it started again regularly. You can mark this as solved, or delete it. Maybe some patch is been uploaded directly by devs.
  17. Not a Bug Access denied in app

    Bug already forwarded in ITA forum, same here, access denied using app. Details are in ITA forum, anyway IOS 17.0, iPad 9th, game version 1.184.1-7c2956f-256
  18. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Well... say friends and you enter.
  19. Is Beta dying?

    These figures explain exactly the difference between quality and mess. Mess which discord mostly can be. In a certain way, this is more or less like to decide to go to work with a bunch of soapbox cars instead of one real car. And here we go on what @Dhurrin meant with this “absolute idiotic idea”.
  20. Is Beta dying?

    Inno communication departement, thank you. Discord is the best excuse to stop my useless comments. :p