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  1. Valtitude

    Discussion The Cauldron

    I believe this happened as a result of the Cauldron addition. It's why I mentioned it here. City was fine previously.
  2. Valtitude

    Discussion The Cauldron

    Weird bug that I've reported ... I cannot see any of my beta neighbors in the provinces to visit and donate. They're all yellow as if I'd never discovered them, surrounded by green. New since I was last on beta in Oct 2022. Just fyi.
  3. Valtitude

    Time to say Goodbye

    I'm sad to see you leave, Jackluyt. Congratulations on your weight loss and better physical fitness. Hope you continue on this path. Have learned a lot from you over the years and have never spelled your avatar name correctly without looking at it. There are a few bad spots on my hard disk...
  4. Valtitude

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    Or use the hammers to break the cube - whatever - to reuse or receive rebate. I've played other merge games too. There's usually a way out rather than forfeiting the item.
  5. Valtitude

    Elvengems doesn't work

    Evidently, the person who did most of the work on ElvenGems site, stopped altogether. There are players on US forum, seeking persons to reboot the site. They need experienced website builder(s) etc. All volunteer work. @Lelanya Tip of the hat to you and everyone working the site.
  6. Valtitude

    Tournament rewards

    Are those 3 factories all leveled to whatever chapter you're in? The ones I was inquiring about are at a mixture of levels, based I think, on what buildings the player likes. Training troops isn't a priority for the player, either. Several players and I've looked at this until we're...
  7. Valtitude

    Answered Are Tournaments Worth Playing or a Waste of Time

    I too, was an over-scouting fool. When I started playing Elvenar, players were telling one another to scout a province a day. For the smaller cities, it worked. Once I got to Dwarves, I was stuck and didn't understand why, so I left the game for awhile. I returned in Jan this year. Most players...
  8. Valtitude

    Tournament rewards

    Weird situation. I've not used names to protect the innocent. Ha! Originally wrote this post from a FS that was disgruntled with a particular player who was playing 30 points and only 30 points, every tournament. Amage had trouble communicating with said player. Player was booted from that FS...
  9. Valtitude

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    SoggyShorts - Please know - I understand what a terrific job you've done with the site Elvenstats. It gives players, Mages and Archmages information at their fingertips that many have craved since Elvenar opened it's servers. You've done a beautiful job! My problem with the site, is that this...
  10. Valtitude

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Elvenstats is NOT part of Inno Games.
  11. Valtitude

    Tournament rewards

    Thanks for the Wiki link, but already been there, done that. There's disagreement among players about what constitutes participation. Discussions about minimums etc. Had hoped there was more info. C'est la vie.
  12. Valtitude

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    I don't like my information about ANYTHING being posted online without my expressed approval. Including my Elvenar stats. Don't argue. Been around the block more than once. Computer and cyber security savvy. STOP posting my Elvenar stats without my approval. Get my approval, you can post my info...
  13. Valtitude

    Tournament rewards

    How are Tournament rewards distributed among players in a Fellowship? Is it according to individual player score or total score of the Fellowship?
  14. Valtitude

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Okay, so the Mages or Amage have their own passwords.for their own fellowship players. Google Sheets has to be manually updated which is a hassle, but the security is better. So, players should be able to ask to have their info removed from this 3rd party site, yes?
  15. Valtitude

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Ya know? I'm not wild about player info being available to anyone who types in a name. Passwords are a MUST until there's something better. Players can share their passwords with Amage of FS or something. NOT OKAY THAT IT'S SO OPEN! This is a problem.
  16. Valtitude

    Not a Bug Chat not working

    Jasper - thank you for all this information! Somewhere in my travels trying to figure out what happened to Elvenar's Chat, someone suggested trying a VPN. I have one, but wasn't using it for Elvenar. "Hey, I'll try it!" I declared. Tally ho! and off I go into the wild blue yonder. The VPN...
  17. Valtitude

    Not a Bug Chat not working

    @Jasper I'm a long-term Elvenar player (started in June 2015) who's having Chat problems on Winyandor (I know this is beta, but I'm getting desperate). I was away from the game for several months, returned in early Jan 2018 - haven't had Chat since I got back! I've done the cache clearing, try...
  18. Valtitude

    Duplicate Swap buildings around feature- like in FOE

    If I'm understanding this correctly, it would save a lot of clicks when you're moving buildings around - which works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't. This idea would reset things back to where a player began, at least - without the time-consuming clicks and aggravation, to do so. No clue how...
  19. Valtitude

    Answered Encounters Guide

    A lot of good info here! Some of it I already knew, but some of it I can't wait to try - and battles aren't my favorite part of the game. Thank you for sharing, everyone.
  20. Valtitude

    hey y'all !!!

    Hey yerself, Outlaw Kid! Good to see you! ;)