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  1. Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE

    But... are we going to see Snowman anymore?
  2. Fair Trades: Are they really?

    6. Time I'll try to explain my opinion, sorry my english. When I had played long enough (in live) came a day, when five first thing on that list didn't matter so much. Only thing that matters is time. I have so much coins, supplies etc that I don't have to think them. I have balanced my...
  3. Discussion Constructs

    @Pilousd : Thank's!
  4. Discussion Constructs

    [ Unless the requirement grows when reaching Evolved Workshops 2, you should be fine with just 4. That is what I'd like to know before deleting one. I'm on number 37 now (in live). Thanks anyway :)
  5. Discussion Constructs

    Is 4 workshops enough? I have 5 only because it needed in Amunis.
  6. Discussion Constructs

    So far I like most Preators one because portal is needed too ;)
  7. Won't fix [22808] Parts of Research Tree don't show.

    Started this way yesterday. When I roll left and come back, I can see it right. When I open it again, all gone. I'm on Dwarves and have HTML5.
  8. Discussion Elementals

    galoyal, I agree what you say. One more thing was that you have to have 5 workshops. 3 was enough for me.
  9. Discussion Three Glacier Giants

    I didn't get that 100 extra keys even in live server :(