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  1. Fixed [39923] Tournament icon is gone

    Ah,...I see....OK the Provinces banner..I REALLY thought I hit that before... ;-)
  2. Fixed [39923] Tournament icon is gone

    Yep...me too...a real pain getting to the open provinces...
  3. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Totally agree..just put an EXTRA Button above the Stage Prizes Button with a BIG P on it....Dooooh !!!!
  4. Discussion Easier Neighbourly Help

    ABout time someone put in the exact location of this Tab....Thank you
  5. Discussion The Buried City

    If the icons themselves were placed ALWAYS on a disc with 8 octants alternating RED and YELLOW (or Magenta or Cyan) then they would always be easily visible.
  6. Discussion The Buried City

    AAARRFGHHH! Does Inno ever listen...The hourly pick items(in this event Provisions) are TOO SMALL and in DULL and INSIGNIFICANT colours.. When you guys create an Event - ASK yourselves the ONE question...CAN MY GRANNY SEE THESE pickup ITEMS EASILY ??? ;-)
  7. Fixed [37686] can't claim rewards from ended event quest line

    Actually...I was able to collect BUT the icon on the left of the screen with the Green TICK will not disappear,,,,as If I had to still collect something ??
  8. Fixed [37686] can't claim rewards from ended event quest line

    Looks good to me...was able to Collect...many thanks team...
  9. autumn event

    Thank you
  10. autumn event

    I believe most folk would like just a bit of an Announcement of what the event is about...the quest list dilemma is understood...
  11. autumn event

    Starts in about 15 hours and not a word....
  12. Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    Quite simple.....allow another Brown Bear and or Fire Phoenix up to a maximum holding of 2 to be introduced.... PUT THIS to BED....
  13. Blue arrow in inventory

    Thats fair enough !! ;-)
  14. Blue arrow in inventory

    How could it be a bug..its for bringing BACK evolution buildings from inventory ????
  15. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Could not have put it better myself.... An absolute quagmire of Schrott...It's OK...those folk at Inno will be able to translate that... As Chandler might say..."Could they BE MORE obvious in trying to sell Diamonds..."
  16. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Seems rather convoluted to me !!!! o_O o_O o_O
  17. Duplicate Current Daily Prize Awarded is wrong chapter

    Yes in Chapter 15 and got 3 Level 1 May Festival Stages :mad::mad::mad:
  18. Duplicate Current daily prize tootip show chapter1 stats

    Yep I got a May Festival Stage Level 1 :mad::mad::mad:
  19. Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    Hah...I just posted a similar message in my FS ...!!!! I almost forgot...I just missed out on one quest...
  20. Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    Woe I agree...I can really see the Golden Shovel...Well done designers...at last ;-)