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  1. Discussion Runeshard Changes

    Don't forget, that big players maybe have big amount of runes, but there are just 5 builders and crazy costs for building wonders 30+ and mana/seeds/unurium for wonders from constructs. This will also slow the wonder boom, so don't worry personally, I think, that I will never be able to spent...
  2. Discussion Runeshard Changes

    I like this new feature, it will make the game more interesting. Sure, I have potential of almost 200.000 kp in my live city, but most of it, I will never be able to spent. Some AW are built very rarely or on the other hand, some of them are already maxed. So, it will be absolutely all right
  3. Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Does BTG affects merchant anyhow? Or is IT here useless?
  4. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Artwork perfect asi always. New verzion of wishing Well great. But the owl has ridiculous feeding efekt. It would be better with none and rather with better bonuses, for example more mana or seeds.
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I have to say, that so far, I really like the changes. However, why ísť there moonbear artefakt? IT would be better with hut artefact or the best option with artefact for old bears.
  6. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    For me are new badges fine, it brings more variety to game and I also welcome them in the pit. Now IT will be finaly challenge for fellowships from more sides. So, lets wait for its firs tíme on beta nie
  7. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    If I play manualy, I could use golems...
  8. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    I really like both changes. Now I will proudly place moon Bear in my city
  9. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I am sorry Marindor, but on this new tournamet is nothing more rewarding. We did provinces on higher levels before as well, but now we will make generaly less provinces and players who have time for tuournamet just maybe two times in week will be hardly discriminated. This will least to...
  10. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Hm, I am thrully disapointed. It is even worse than I expected. I did just 13 provinces, 1*, I am not willing to do more. If your goal was to ruin the tournaments, you nailed it! Now you can erase the hint from inicial screen, that tournament is important source of relics and KP. It is not any...
  11. Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    Love the building, the only thing, that I do not like much are sorcerers/witches asi bonus, it is unfair for elf cities. If there would be blooming mages or Banshee, IT would be way better.
  12. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes (pre-release)

    Based on video I am thruly angry. I am building my city more than four years with some strategy and instead of harwest of my work, I get now pure NERF? If it should be like said in the video, just keep it the way it is now.
  13. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    @chris0707070707 I like your optimistic point of view :) I ´ll give this set a chance here on beta
  14. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    I dont really mind, if set is huge, but I expect proper bonuses and this one is just useless. Because if it would be good, we would certainly find some place for it, but since it is huge and weak...I can spare this place for somenthing better ;) Otherwise, the event looks great, I like the...
  15. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    But the count down goes for 48 hours
  16. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    Great idea, I like event mechanics :) Set...hm, I am not sure here, how it works, when there is 2 day production, but we can collect after 24 hours? Does it mean, that when i will collect production from it (when it will be whole), I can collect KP after 24 hour or after 48?...
  17. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    For me is spire library bonus - KP - okey, it is still better than portal bonus in vortex or rune shards from Enar embasy...so here it ist ok. But I agree, that some wonders are hure. On the other hand, I do not really mind huge set buildings, as far as they give my city proper bonuses. The...
  18. Discussion Release Notes version 1.105

    I agree, that Golden abyss and Mountain halls are strong enough and there is stop of this effect on place, but still it would be nice to give us something else instead. Same stands for culture in Monastery/Sanctuary/ Tower ruins or seeds/mana/sentinent goods expiring efect reductions, but that...
  19. Discussion Release Notes version 1.105

    I understand, that some bonuses couldnt be more boosted, but it could be compensated simply by dubbling the remaining effect or giving us new one instead! But I do not understand why are units bonuses limited ať 40%...those could be highered, same as wholesaler bonus at Blooming traders guild...
  20. Discussion Release Notes version 1.105

    This is whole really bad joke...I went tghouh all wonders and they are incredibly expensive - that is not a problem. Problem is, that there is no increase for such effects as boosts for units - why? Why there are no more KP from Tomb of secret or Spire library after lvl 30? Is it that big...