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  1. UlyssesBlue

    New Game Features Creation of "Alpha" world

    When the spire was introduced it came to beta in a partial form, and had no fixed timeline for when it would arrive in Live. Its purpose here was to get the balancing issues right, get player feedback, gradually roll out each of the components, etc, and didn't go to Live until most of the issues...
  2. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Winter Magic

    This lottery style event is fundamentally flawed and widely disliked. The only way to get more than a trivial improvement is to scrap it entirely. Going back to the rotating chest system is a valid and effective solution. Even if it's too late to implement it for this event, it would...
  3. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Winter Magic

    On a side note: Look at this face. Look at that creepy fixed grin and those empty glossy black eyes. This is a face that stares into your soul. If they made an R-rated sequel to 'Nightmare Before Christmas', and called it something like 'Revenge of Christmas Town', this would be the main...
  4. UlyssesBlue

    Duplicate Gingerbread house completion doesn't match image

    Game version: v1.93-beta.9-(b5d7005) (2019-11-15 09:10) HTML5 Yes/No: No Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome 78.0.3904.97 Flash Player version: Operating System or Mobile Device: PC, windows 10 Screen resolution: 1920x1080 Account name: UlyssesBlue Humans or Elves...
  5. UlyssesBlue

    New Game Features Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint

    My preference would just be to have the ability to flag or highlight certain waypoints, so there's a clear visual indication to the rest of the fellowship what path/waypoints are a priority, without having the rest of the waypoints excluded or locked. Then it becomes a pure communication tool...
  6. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Winter Magic

    They never used to be filler. There were lots of options there that appealed to different people, and plenty of people would get excited about different things. If most prizes are now filler, and there's no strategic way to focus on what we don't consider filler, then there's very little of any...
  7. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Winter Magic

    One of the great things about the prizes in past events was that there was something for everyone, and you could adjust your strategy depending on what you wanted, so everyone benefited in one way or another. If you really liked the grand prizes you could focus on chests that gave cost effective...
  8. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Winter Magic

    I'm very glad to see the high level requirement for production buildings is mostly eliminated. Splitting it into a regular set of quests and a bonus set of quests seems like a sensible choice, although it depends on how far you can get with the regular set. So long as that is enough to get a...
  9. UlyssesBlue

    Other Elvenar-themed smilies

    With the new forum update, instead of the generic smilies how about we get some elvenar-themed smilies? Perhaps a blue elf making all the different faces. Maybe something like this (but with decent artwork, not my Paint-job): For comparison, this is our current set...
  10. UlyssesBlue

    Hi, I have a doubt...

    I've been playing Beta since May and am yet to see one. There was another thread about this here: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/10-on-expansion.13205 A mod said it's not impossible that we'll get discount expansions at some point, but I would say at this point that's pretty...
  11. UlyssesBlue

    Players dropping like flies?

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a mass exodus of players in their respective fellowships, neighbourhoods, etc? Both here and on live servers. In a short space of time I've seen an unusually large number of members of my respective fellowships either quit the game completely, or...
  12. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Forum update

    I am also having issues with the small font size and contrast on Firefox, as others have reported. Unrelated: just testing out a few features below. Feel free to ignore. This is an inline test of :) and :coin: to show relative sizes. Test of an inline spoiler goes here. This is what a link...
  13. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Forum update

    I'm not fond of the new skin. I think it looks amateurish and far less visually appealing than the old one. I am also strongly opposed to the rounded avatars. It trims the images too much. I would rather they be square again. I'm still discovering the other features and will comment as I find...
  14. UlyssesBlue

    Other 23hr early collect on long productions

    I was wondering if we could get an early collect at 23 hours on any production building that has a production of 24 hours or more. One current problem with 24 hour productions is that there's always a small time gap between when the production finishes, and when you collect, so over several days...
  15. UlyssesBlue

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, does it really matter whether it's a real duck or just a very realistic pretend one? ;)
  16. UlyssesBlue

    Quests Timed skip quest button for events

    Summary A 'skip quest' button that would show up on any event quest that you've had longer than a certain amount of time (e.g. 24 hours). Description In events we often see that certain quests are extremely hard or unreasonably time consuming, or even outright impossible for some cities. To...
  17. UlyssesBlue

    Fellowships Fellowship Adventure badge pool

    I reckon anyone who has permissions to open the chest should be able to decide which badges are used from the pool. Currently that's everyone except Fellows. Regarding prizes, anyone who adds a badge to the map or pool should get the prize for the currently active map, even if their badge...
  18. UlyssesBlue

    [AW] Additional kp buttons for wonders

    Just a minor point: those wonder threads for 10 or 30KP usually are using instants earned in the tournament, so would likely be unaffected by this suggestion.
  19. UlyssesBlue

    [New Features] List of players who've given NH in last week

    @Lovec Krys Agreed. This suggestion would be even better if NH worked the same on PC as it did on mobile.