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  1. sorella

    Duplicate Shortkey CTRL + N

    CTRL + N doesn't work (it happens nothing). Browser is Firefox 39.0.
  2. sorella

    Implemented New hotkey: back to notifications

    A hotkey "Back to notifications" would be very helpful when I'm working through the list of helpers on notifications to help them back :)
  3. sorella

    Cannot reproduce Forum Alerts

    What I expect: to get an alert if somebody posts after me in a thread, where "watch this thread" is checked What happens: It works about only 7:3 from 10 (means: not always)
  4. sorella

    Fellowships ranks and scores

    Can somebody light my knowledge: how are the scores and ranks created in fellowships?
  5. sorella

    Not a Bug Dwellers off the beaten tracks

    I watch some of my Dwellers cutting the corners, step into flowers and creating new dirt tracks ;) come and see: will you please tell them something about nice behavior in the nature? what I expect: dwellers staying on the streets. what i get: sometimes they don't
  6. sorella

    Luxury problem

    Don't want to moan, but after half a day of being a shipmember, I'm flooded with money by mainhallpolishing and somehow I'm flooded with goods too (because of the cheap tradingoffers). Are you sure, gamedesigners, that this is intended? I really think, the amounts for polishing mainhall have to...
  7. sorella

    ship only for tradingadvantages

    I would like to join a fellowship without any duties on daily basis, but just to get advantages in trading. My boosted goods are marble, crystal and elixier and I can trade large amounts, if needed. Although I'm more or less loged in daily, I often don't have the time for clicking lots of...
  8. sorella

    Duplicate Reaction time

    this evening like yesterday evening the reaction time to any click and scrolling is several seconds (sometimes up to 10 and more seconds). Although wrong windows are opening, e.g. a workshopwindow if I click on my crystalfactory (my workshops are far away, it cannot be a missing of the right...
  9. sorella

    Not a Bug Preferences in Beta-Forum don't work properly

    what I did: I didn't mark in Preferences (general) "Show your online status" and "Show online activities". And I didn't mark in Preferences " and receive email notifications of replies" (but I marked "Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply...") what I expect: that these...
  10. sorella

    Not a Bug Time in notifications not correct

    what I expect: in notifications the time is shown correctly when a player did neighborly help what happened: notification says: 5:54, but it was 6:54 in my country germany (I was online in that moment and checked who and when was it) what that means: notification shows wintertime, summertime...
  11. sorella

    Trading Cooperation in my world

    hi players in my world or better to say in my trader, I'm near at the end of the game, nothing really to do any more. But in future I would not hesitate to help others to get goods via trader by building a trading line. I do so since weeks now. 2 things you should consider, if you want me to...
  12. sorella

    Won't fix cannot scroll with tablet

    used browser on ipad: puffin 3.05.2015 (integrated flashplayer 17.0 via clou) upgrade on this version was automatically on may, 4th. since than scrolling doesn't work anymore it's only working in "theatermodus" perhaps it's a problem on puffin's side, but I wanted to report it here too
  13. sorella

    Slackness in the Trader

    My over 70 neighbors are creating this in my trader (not only today!!) as you can see: only 2 pages + 1 offer (!!) what can you tell us about your trader?
  14. sorella

    why is the last research a squat-upgrade?

    the very last thing on the researchtree is to get another squad-upgrade. can somebody tell me, for what he needs a squadupgrade at this level of his game? fighting encounters brings kp and relics. you do not need any more kp if you are at the end of the researchtree. you do not need any more...
  15. sorella

    World Map move closer Neighborly Help Hands over Butcher

    the Neighborly Help Hands over the humans Butcher are often not well to differentiate from hands over other cultural buildings (i.e. Holy Codex, which have less culture), so that I often think, the butchers are already polished. Is it possible to move hands closer to their buildings?
  16. sorella

    Godess of Fertility

    The only Cultures which provide Population are Well of Floating Islands (4x3) and Godess of Fertility (3x3). I know, everything is a matter of taste, but: whereas the blue fountains of the WoFI look sort of beautiful, the Goddess of Fertility has the ability to create eye-cancer when looking to...
  17. sorella

    inactive Premiumplayer - how long will worldmapplace not given away?

    unfortunatly it seems I have to pause some weeks. Especially as premiumplayer I want to know, what the rules are with inactivity and holding the city (worldmapspace not given away to a new player because of my inactivity). The same could happen unplaned to some player because of accident...
  18. sorella

    Fixed [4332] Upgrade building min lvl x not working correctly

    What I expected: to get my Bonus from Sidequest, after upgrading a building to Level 5 (Level 6 was not the solution than). What happend: Sidequest didn't register my finished upgrade.
  19. sorella

    Battle Mouseover Enemie-Camps in Provinces

    Mouseover the round buttons (with !) to see the composition of enemies in their camps would be very helpful
  20. sorella

    Optic of the Elves Mainhall Level 11 forward

    My Mainhall is now Level 10 and so far it has a colourful fairytale-optic. From Level 11 on that changes. For my feelings it more and more gets the optic of a dominant and cold sort of religious church or something like that. No more fairytale-optic. I don't want to have a Mainhall like the...