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  1. Midnightsidhe

    Events Allow players to use event currency to skip event quests

    Summary: Allow players to pay event currency in order to skip event quests (in major events) that are impossible in their current situation. Description: Players would be allowed to skip event quests if they are willing to spend some amount of event currency to do so. This way, hitting a...
  2. Midnightsidhe

    Shadowside Seeking New Members!

    Shadowside is recruiting for new members! We are a very new FS of experienced active players looking for similar players. Because we're very new, we have plenty of room. We require a minimum of four NH visits and 300 tournaments points weekly, plus a score of at least 20,000. Boosted...
  3. Midnightsidhe

    Black Company is Recruiting!

    The Black Company currently has a vacancy! We're an active FS with cities both large and small, and we're seeking an active player who does regular NH, trades regularly, and is enthusiastic about tournaments. Cities of any size are welcome. If you think you would fit in with us, please...
  4. Midnightsidhe

    Sanity Check

    My poor Beta city is currently in the midst of a population crisis: against my better judgement, I let myself be tempted by the short-term allure of event pop/culture buildings during the Snow Flurry, and now I have this sorry situation where I'm dependent on pop/cult buildings that are now very...
  5. Midnightsidhe

    Fellowships [Fellowships] Make it easier to match players and fellowships

    Summary: To create an interface that would make it easier to match players and fellowships together than it is at present. Think of it as OKCupid, but for trading partners. Description: There are two sides to the idea, the player side and the fellowship side. The implementation of each would...
  6. Midnightsidhe

    Inactives and Fellowship Membership

    Does anyone know if being in a fellowship automatically makes your city a safe harbour city?
  7. Midnightsidhe


    I know there's a number of us who have started new cities recently in order to see what it's like to play the current version of the game from the beginning, and I was curious about how these experiments have been going so far. My (elven) Beta city is now well into chapter three. I was going...
  8. Midnightsidhe

    Duplicate [New Feature] Facades

    I've been thinking about the question of what other things could be given to players to do, particularly more advanced players with lots of long wait times. I was trying to think of things that would not require space, and that would utilise coins, since there are only three things you can...
  9. Midnightsidhe

    Cannot reproduce New Buildings are Invisible

    Game version: v1.16.10-(c615829) (2016-10-19 10:02) Game world: Beta Browser + version: Chrome 53.0.2785.143 Flash Player version: Operating System: Windows 8 Screen resolution: 1600 x 900 Account name: Midnightsidhe Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 4/5 (1/5 = happened once...
  10. Midnightsidhe

    Rune Shard Reward in Halloween Questline

    The reward being offered for the fourth quest (the one where you make beverages five times) is a rune shard, but I'm only just starting Chapter Two, so I'm still about five or six techs away from unlocking the first Ancient Wonders. Does that mean that I won't get the shard?
  11. Midnightsidhe

    Other [Other] Spells for Transmuting Rune Shards

    Summary Add a spell to change rune shards into different rune shards. Description I think it would be cool if there were a high-level spell that allowed players to transmute rune shards into different rune shards. There are a lot of different ways this could work, but they fall into two basic...
  12. Midnightsidhe


    Hi! I'm an old player on Arendyll (almost to the end of Orcs), but new here. The game has changed so much since I started that I wanted to see what it's like to play from the start, and I figured it would be most useful to my fellowship on my main city if I tried playing here.