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  1. myselfandi

    future need of Dwarven buildings

    And after that: 1000 provinces, 1500 provinces etc. :D
  2. myselfandi

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.28

    I don't like the new layout of the worldmap. I miss the overview and have the feling I'm Lawrens of Arabia with all the sand in the edges
  3. myselfandi

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.27

    Is just reported here: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/city-zoomed-in-after-refresh-or-re-login.3515/
  4. myselfandi

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.27

    Now after 0.27
  5. myselfandi

    New Game Features Watchtower + Questline

    Your dreams come trough! Not quit the same story line, but nevertehless.....
  6. myselfandi

    Duplicate Notification of inactivity for the Fellowship Top Mgmnt.

    +1. In FoE is this also, 3-6 days is green, above that it's red.
  7. myselfandi

    level 15 buidings - worst design ever

    Yes, i had them all, now only the ugly 15s :confused:
  8. myselfandi


    welcome and have a lot of fun
  9. myselfandi

    Research Donating Spare Knowledge Points

    +1, I really like this idea
  10. myselfandi

    Hello there

    I can ask him on the Dutch server? Dunno if he is inactive there too though
  11. myselfandi

    level 15 buidings - worst design ever

    I know the feeling :(
  12. myselfandi

    level 15 buidings - worst design ever

    I don't like the grphics of the houses lvl 15
  13. myselfandi

    Human VS Elfes

  14. myselfandi

    I feel bored...

    Hhhmmm, I don't know if a developers excitment is the same as mine excitment though :D:D:D:D
  15. myselfandi

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.23

    24 hour clock in chat now! Thanks
  16. myselfandi

    Human VS Elfes

  17. myselfandi

    Human VS Elfes

  18. myselfandi

    Human VS Elfes