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  1. Lelanya

    Duplicate Mobile will not load due to tournament

    Mobile will not load at all It shows Tournament started Not loading Have a screenshot of it on phone Advise how to load?
  2. Lelanya

    Tourney issue

    So where do I find the thread on the terrible problems with this week's tournament? My province 1 would not even load at all a couple of hours ago. Province 1!! Not like it is hard to find lol since it's my boost
  3. Lelanya

    Fixed [21734] Mobile - Change Username quest is displayed while it shouldn't

    Hi there I am running on mobile today. I have a quest giver in the top right corner where diamond offer counters usually sit. He wants me to input my username but when I do he says it's already in use.
  4. Lelanya

    Greetings all

    Hello :)