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  1. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Please no arguing, back on topic please
  2. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Please remember English only in the forum part deux? mag hopen dat ze iets creatiever zijn dan 4x hetzelfde hoofdstuk. Translation = part deux? may hope they are more creative than 4x the same chapter.
  3. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.108

    Please remember English only in this forum Il y a un autre problème avec les provinces. Translation = There is another problem with the provinces
  4. Scoobydoo

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    you are one player @Arthus , we have many other players and they can all speak for themselves. So if you are upset then say you are. But please again can we ask that you not try to encompass other players in your posts, let other players either here or on other Servers speak for themselves. They...
  5. Scoobydoo

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    @MinMax Gamer I am sorry but we do not have any access to other Servers so you would need to check with the US Support team
  6. Scoobydoo


    No posts will be removed, just translated and reminded to post in English
  7. Scoobydoo

    Fixed [TECH-5353] Airships event - no more crystals around the city

    @LArsouille we are working on it and as soon as we have some information we will pass it along. @Arthus please stop putting false information out to the forum. Marindor will speak to everyone as soon as he gets an answer. Also please be aware that we are having a Bank Holiday today so there is...
  8. Scoobydoo

    What is "testing" celebration ??? a new event ???

    Ooooooo, I love a birthday present ;)
  9. Scoobydoo

    search for players

    That's why I said on browser version and no mention of app
  10. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.104

    Please stop. No personal attacks please, This is the release notes thread so please keep it on topic
  11. Scoobydoo

    User Interface wonder icons in fellowship listings

    @Nsaplay78 you do have the ability in your city, if you press the hotkey 'A' it will bring up the full list of all your AW's
  12. Scoobydoo

    search for players

    On the browser version if you click on your ranking under your game name it will open up the search for either player or fellowship
  13. Scoobydoo

    Discussion May Celebrations

    @Arthus wouldn't it be better for those players that have an issue to let us know themselves and then we can look into the issue rather than a broad 'some players' which we cannot check or confirm so therefore the issue gets bypassed rather than dealt with
  14. Scoobydoo

    re placed on map

    @PrimroseSylvia I had already dealt with the post concerned so we do not need to inflame it further. If you are also on the other server again it needs to be dealt with there
  15. Scoobydoo

    Fixed [31685] spire : cannot fight (all Barracks units unavailable)

    great new @Richord I hope that it was just a reload issue at this stage
  16. Scoobydoo

    re placed on map

    @Domino Harvey we are aware of the issue and we are working on it. I hope we all give respect as well as expecting it in return. As to any issues on your live server unfortunately we cannot deal with those here. As their server is not connected to our server at all.
  17. Scoobydoo

    Fixed [31685] spire : cannot fight (all Barracks units unavailable)

    @Richord can you send us a support ticket so we can look into this for you
  18. Scoobydoo

    Duplicate ARMIES disappears

    Duplicate of: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/31685-spire-cannot-fight-all-barracks-units-unavailable.14932/#post-85664
  19. Scoobydoo

    Not a Bug Not spring seeds in the Mystical Object ?

    Thanks @LArsouille yes it is correct that this time they are not in the MA as stated by Marindor here: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/may-celebrations.14859/#post-85266 I hope that helps
  20. Scoobydoo

    Cannot reproduce No spring Seeds since 17:00 this day

    I have just checked and I have no issue, been out of the game about 3 hours and came back to 4 seeds