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  1. MaximusProximus


    I just play and one thing drive me crazy, i know, if i build better house for my ppl, they will be more happy (culture), BUT, here in game, you ruined their happines (cultures) with every single upgrade of house, i don't know is that have sense. How ppl will be unsatisfied with better home??
  2. MaximusProximus


    Sorry if this is stupid question, but, how i may know where i'm on map, becouse i scrolled map much in every direction and map never ends, i think that, something like button for whole map will be good to show you, where are you on map.
  3. MaximusProximus

    Not a Bug Barracks still show they are idle

    I read this new update, and see this in description of fixes "When your barracks are not busy training troops, they will now show that they are idle, similar to Workshops and Manufactories." but still, when no units in Barracks to make, i see ZZzz, and i log in and log out many times, but no...
  4. MaximusProximus

    after long pause i come to try this nice game

    HI all, my name here is MaximusProximus (Goran), i'm from Serbia, and to be honest, i don't like much this kind of games, i play some similar, and after some time i start to be bored, only game what i play online is WoT, and i see picture of this game on some sites, and think 'why not try, games...