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  1. Elerinna

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.89

    Salut people! Did we all get the same number of spells or were they given out randomly? I got 7 new ones, on top of the 3 I got from the spire.
  2. Elerinna

    City [Spells] Collecting spells in Magic Academy

    As has been written above, there is a way to avoid collecting spells but a direct access would be really cool!
  3. Elerinna

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I guess we can by now safely assume the answer is ... NOOOO! Great :D
  4. Elerinna

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hi guys :) Any chance of getting back the badges collected before the bug? We have lost a few in my fellowship and this is quite upsetting ^^
  5. Elerinna

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.39

    Are you guys actually having contests as to which one of you comes up with the worst idea to improve the game? This change in neighbourly help is even more stupid than your 1 minute time reduction (60 precious seconds that we all still feel soooo excited about o_O ) and your choices are really...
  6. Elerinna

    Request to change Wholesale Market Back

    +1 to get back to the former system! This new wholesaler is useless and actually prevents us from playing properly; really unhappy about this feature :/
  7. Elerinna

    Useless Wholesale Market

    I totally agree with what has been said in the previous posts... Can't even figure out how the team has come up with such an idea... unless the aim is to slow us down and bore us more...
  8. Elerinna

    Fixed [11215] Visiting member fails with JSON error and reloads the game

    Muse ok now and had logged in before I managed visiting (I'm telling you because I don't know if it helps or not ^^) korry ok as well; no idea regarding activity
  9. Elerinna

    Fixed [11215] Visiting member fails with JSON error and reloads the game

    Well spotted Linor; that might well be it! In my fellowship, cannot be visited: Dialouled Ar Menez corof Morden Muse rockhardum kif29 korry roukmoute Neighbours: rochiriel looping Egos Darkwinner and a few more that I am way too lazy to list on a sunny afternoon :cool:
  10. Elerinna

    Fixed [11215] Visiting member fails with JSON error and reloads the game

    Hello :) I get the same reccurrent error message while visiting cities.
  11. Elerinna

    New Game Features Docks and Strongholds

    Well, a statue of LJ and the idea of saving up on moisterizers really appeal to me :D All joking put aside (and as long as LJ is NOT in charge of the designs :p), sounds like an interesting idea to spice up a game which badly needs new features to keep players interested!
  12. Elerinna

    Duplicate Problems w training troops in the barracks

    Hi Brummbaer and thank you for your post; it helped :) I actually filled up my 2 remaining free slots and managed to cancel the original 3 trainings which were blocked up (before the end of the training). Treants are been trained at the moment; I'll see how it goes!
  13. Elerinna

    Duplicate Problems w training troops in the barracks

    Hello, I'm back with a new bug \o/ My treants' training is blocked up; I can't remember when I started the training as I had forgotten about it but it may have been launched a couple of days ago. I can't cancel and refreshing is not helping. I hope it can get dealt with quickly :)
  14. Elerinna

    Fixed [8999] invisible buildings

    Hi there! Been having problems similar to those mentionned in the posts above since this morning. Hope this bug will be fixed soon :) edit: the bug's been fixed; thank you :)