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  1. City [Forwarded] multiply polish on culture

    option to get culture building polish more then once , if first polish gives you 100% extra maybe second polish will get 75 % ? ..and then if im not pushing third polish with 50% and any more polishes after that , will be 25%
  2. Online status

    ....paste... Total: 30 (members: 10, guests: 13, robots: 7) members and guests are known ..but who/what are the robots??--
  3. New Game Features elvs / human companies

    2 companies for each race that everyone can participate in his/her own race, by choice ( all human for human companies) (elfs for elfs) that will require goods for buildings, coins/supply and army for fighting in it, as reward maybe titles or...whatever simply shrine for elfs and altar for...
  4. New Game Features Good's wonder

    a construction that will give random goods, that will take no space in town but can be upgraded , that can be aid by neighbors to increase number of goods, that give advance quest line with awesome reward like goods and/or units or buldings or diamonds and special new avatars , that can be hard...
  5. ME

    hi to everyone from the windy city ! thanks elvenar team for letting me to be part of 2015 game of year :)