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  1. Acamax

    Fixed [Forum] Missing Icons

    I'm wondering if it's just me, but my forum looks a bit weird I even restarted my computer (and cleared cache), but didn't seem to help.. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me ? :D
  2. Acamax

    Cannot reproduce wrong training time

    I just encountered something even a bigger bug than just a text error in the timer.. General Description (Overview): I'm not sure of the why and how but I'll explain exactly what I did: I just build a third armory, right after one of my troops finished training.. After 1 min it was build and I...
  3. Acamax

    Battle Retry function

    Sometimes I lose more troops than necessary and I would like to retry my battle so I can use a different strategy or whatever, so I would like to have a retry option after a finished battle.. No retries for free of course, maybe charge coins and supplies or something else.. But if you make one...
  4. Acamax

    Fixed More building supplies

    Let's start with the usual: me saying that English isn't my native language:D So I'm never to sure about posting in this part of the forum :rolleyes: I just got the quest "more building supplies", and it says "Ever more Elves are settling here".. This could be either: "Even more Elvers are...
  5. Acamax

    Fixed factory vs manufactory

    Can someone tell me why the tier 1 goods have manufactories and the tier 2 and 3 goods have factories? English isn't my native language and I'm starting to wonder if they are just not consistent or if there is a meaning behind it :) edit: after some research I figure that it's an...
  6. Acamax

    Fixed [4702] No fireworks yet !

    General Description (Overview): So I just got the quest "Fireworks, Please". I'm not sure if you can call this a bug, but the problem I have with the quest right now is the weird timing.. What I expected to happen: To get this quest later in my the game What actually happened: I got this quest...
  7. Acamax

    Duplicate [5053] Fireworks, Please!

    The quest asks me to produce one Firework, but the text says "I am certain you will be able to deliver three"
  8. Acamax

    Color of text residence

    Maybe not the most exciting question, but I'm just wondering.. Why is the color sometimes white in the info label of your residence: And why is the color sometimes green in the info label of your residence: I can collect both if I want to, residence are at the same level and at almost the...
  9. Acamax

    Fixed Goods of the highest quality

    Let's start with saying that English isn't my native language:D. But.. Magiocal isn't a word is it?! Just noticed it when I received this quest : I think it's supposed to be magical ?! :)
  10. Acamax

    Not a Bug wrong position loading

    General Description (Overview): Sometimes the "ghost troops" appear when you start a fight. To solve this I simply refresh. This brings you back to your town with the question if you want to continue combat. After clicking continue the loading screen is in a wrong position. Clearing cache didn't...
  11. Acamax

    Won't fix More intense training

    Since English isn't my native language I'm not sure, but the quest says: "all is ready".. Shouldn't it be: "all are ready" ?
  12. Acamax

    Not a Bug [4700] No mouseover info when icon appears

    General Description (Overview): When you are reading your mouseover info on buildings the info screen disappears whenever a manufactory or workshop is finished producing and the icon pops-up. (Don't know if it's a bug, but since I never played games like this before I just noticed this and...
  13. Acamax

    Hallo :D

    Hi all, Forgot to introduce myself properly! :eek: I'm from Holland (goo Dutchies:D) and just turned 25! I've participated in other beta games, but I've never played any InnoGames before, so I'm open minded about the game and liking it so far.. I'll be moving out of the country for a few...
  14. Acamax

    How big is your army?

    So, how big is your army? At the moment I have 1761 sword dancers and 611 archers.. I can only still field 36 at the time and my sword dancers are still basic.. Should I keep going before researching or is my number fine (and what is your number?:D)
  15. Acamax

    Fixed [4393] Spending diamonds

    Sometimes when I spent diamonds, for example, to speed up upgrades it costs 1 more diamond than it's actually asking me to agree on. This happened a few times already. Since I plan how I want to spend my diamonds that's pretty inconvenient since I've got 1 diamond less than I planned for...
  16. Acamax

    Fixed Double supplies

    When I use "click and move" to collect my supplies (I click at one finished building and then while I hold my mouse I move over the others to collect all supplies without extra clicking) I sometimes gather the supplies twice from 1 workshop when I'm already on it before it being finished. What...
  17. Acamax

    Question about "did you know"

    Can someone tell me what they mean with the following: I just can't wrap my head around it (might be just over thinking it and I feel kinda stupid for it:oops::()
  18. Acamax

    Won't fix Residence production

    I looked at the info of my residence and it says 4400/7h (I think this with my 200% culture bonus?) and 314/h (I guess this is without my 200% culture bonus?).. Shouldn't they both show the amount of coins with culture bonus? Plus: 628 times 7 hours isn't equal to 4400 coins.. So maybe I am...