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  1. HisaRose

    Time to say goodbye

    Goodbye @shadowblack best wishes for you :)
  2. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    @Tactics it's no problem, it's also important to know the features of the AW ;) It was a helpful post so don't worry, thank you :)
  3. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    Sometimes it isn't easy to find people with the right AW, in my fellowship nobody has (yet) the needles for example. Would I need the runes I would have to look over the map player by player to find someone. I only want to help people with this issue and everybody gets what he/she needs runes or...
  4. HisaRose

    Fixed [30681] Can't finish AW

    I have the same issue, I donate KP to an other player but the last KP doesn"t work.
  5. HisaRose

    Tunan's Intro

    Welcome! :)
  6. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    Thank you for the information, but what I meant was that you will post the Ancient Wonders you have, so when somebody needs runes of one of your Ancient Wonders he can donate KP to your AW to get the rune from the chest. ;)
  7. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    Needles of the Tempest
  8. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    Hello, I would like to collect the information about who has which Ancient Wonders. It shall facilitate the search for needed runes, so people get KP donations and the others get the desired runes. Win Win :) Kind regards HisaRose
  9. HisaRose

    Not a Bug elvarian carnival issue

    @PhoenixRose33 Accept 5 trades means that you have to accept trades from other players. :)
  10. HisaRose

    Training Grounds

    Thank you for the answer @Lushette :)
  11. HisaRose


    I have needles of the tempest, every reward is still open :)
  12. HisaRose

    Either... or game

    Easy rules, you answer the either... or question of the person above and state a new either... or question :) Either spaghetti or pizza?
  13. HisaRose

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    @UlyssesBlue I also have issues to find the candies in the city, I prefer your suggestion ;)
  14. HisaRose

    The person below me...

  15. HisaRose

    Training Grounds

    Thank you @CrazyWizard for the detailed answer! :D I am an elve and at the moment I am working to get the needles of the tempest. :) I will use your advices to optimize my fighting situation. :) Thank you very much for your effort of this very detailed answer! :) I wish you a nice evening :)...