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  1. Letheia

    Tournament rewards

    I'm in Sorcerers and Dragons chapter and have only had 2 of each Tier-type of factories (went to this ratio when i unlocked tier 3, so basically since a bit before chapter 4). I have plenty of goods for research and catering un-fightable encounters. But i have a fairly heavy military presence as...
  2. Letheia

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    Anyone have cool/neat/great/amazing setups for the Woodelvenstock Set? Specifically to get all the mana and divine seeds possible. My best configuration looks a bit like an upside down Texas, which is an awkward shape. Edit: Forgot to add my picture. 0.o
  3. Letheia

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    Only 1 of the 9 new Loot Crates gives a chance to win Tickets back. RNGesus Hear my prayers!
  4. Letheia

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    It seems like the Upgrade 4 buildings to level 5 quests are imbalanced between Elves and Humans players. Elves can just do 4 marble factories in 1 hour, without worrying about them changing size; Humans would have to take 2 hours and plan ahead with a size change. Not to mention anyone that is...
  5. Letheia

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    I'm hoping for Grounds of the Orc Strategist and Orc Nest to come back as prize offerings! It's basically impossible for me to train Orc Strategists for an extended amount of time. I constantly am making Armory Orcs and have Heroes' Forge (only level 2 :/) but i can't make Strategists for very...
  6. Letheia

    Discussion Elementals

    I'm curious about people's thoughts on upgrading tier 1 boosted factories to level 24 and up. Is it worth the population/culture costs and losing the 24hr/48hr productions? I will not be making Sentient Goods with them so it feels kind of pointless to do.
  7. Letheia

    Not a Bug [mobile]Event questgivers are missing

    HMMM, i deleted the app and reinstalled it, but it's still Hammer Time for me. I haven't done the most recent ios update, though, so maybe that could be my problem?
  8. Letheia

    Not a Bug [mobile]Event questgivers are missing

    I'm not seeing Crash on version 1.52.0 of the app. Just seeing the goofy hammer guy.
  9. Letheia

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Dang, check out this awesome feedback from 23 pages ago! It's relevant again since the ESC button doesn't close windows.
  10. Letheia

    Elven architect - Latest updates

    Not sure if it's just me, but the city planner isn't calculating my required culture.
  11. Letheia

    Community based building - Question 3

    Woodelves is the chapter where you cant see anything under the trees. Orcs and Goblins is the only villainous chapter and I think is the most unique. :P What i'm saying is that I AM the 1 Orcs and Goblins VOTE!
  12. Letheia

    Elven architect - Latest updates

    The street macro is so, so spicy! Thanks! \o/
  13. Letheia

    Fixed [20779] App: Eggs fall into town each time I change the screen but they don't count

    When i did visits earlier, after each person that i helped from my notifications it would say that an Egg had fallen. But only a certain amount of them counted toward my Essence Total. I think 7 counted, and the other 10 or so did not count. I'm on ios, if that helps.
  14. Letheia

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I would gladly wait for the quest cycling to be fixed if we could more easily organize our Fellowship members during the adventure, and be able to execute a plan efficiently. Organization would lead to much less clicking and cycling to begin with, and could be a large part of any quest cycling...
  15. Letheia

    Fixed [20601] Mobile - Can't log back in

    This happened to me on Beta, Khelonaar, and Arendyll servers, but i didn't have to restart my phone, i just had to quit the app and restart (a few times per server) and it would eventually load.
  16. Letheia

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.49

    You left off the "s" in front of orcs. ;)
  17. Letheia

    Not a Bug ESC button

    The ESC key is not affecting the "Back to Province" and "Awesome!" buttons during the tournament. Haven't checked if it doesn't work elsewhere. I suspect this is a bug.
  18. Letheia

    Fixed [20145] MA Busted

    Some screenshots after i reloaded.
  19. Letheia

    Fixed [20145] MA Busted

    I don't have the ability to queue up troops in the training grounds or barracks, i have 0 enchantments in the inventory, 0 instants, and 0 Summonings.
  20. Letheia

    Fixed [20142] The technology tree disappeared

    My research tree is fine on Mac OS, with Google Chrome. Even placed KPs into a tech.