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  1. myselfandi

    Duplicate unit information Treant II

    The unit information of the threant II in combat is out of the border and not able to read. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eah8ypk5ayhm6ss/Screenshot_12.png?dl=0 Besides that is the text not right; it is night possibly to pierce.... I think it must be; it is not possible to pierce... But I am not an...
  2. myselfandi

    Cursor titles?

    Would love to see the names of the buildings in neighbor city's when I go over them with my cusor. since I am playing as elf, I see in the human city's lots of weird buildings I love to know what they are.
  3. myselfandi

    myselfandi is here

    He folks, It's about time I come and introduice myself. I'm a 56 year old Dutch woman and I love to play strategic games. been playing FoE from the start, right after I stopped playing WoW. I'm looking forward to playing this games with you all.
  4. myselfandi

    Duplicate Quest is not working?

    Don't know if it's a bug of something else, but I have this quest "Produce all goods", where it says: have 1 manufactory of all types lvl. 3. I have Planks, steel and marble all lvl 3 but he isn't counting them. Is it something I do wrong or is it a bug? Closed and loged in a couple of times...