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  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    wrong. Its a place for ideas as support tells me. If you have suggestions it comes here but the problem is, the suggestions are not filtered to Inno it seems :(
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Thanks Marindor. Thats exactly why I asked it here. Support would have referred me to this route anyway. So no new FA. I prepared for one just in case. I dont see why there has to be an evolving building just to have an FA since its about team work after all.
  3. Duplicate Research - Progress

    http://prntscr.com/t74xkr Same with normal research like this.
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Okay granted. But we were expecting FA on Beta since last week so this question is for Inno themselves not anyone in the game.
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Really guys, that was a question for the developers lol
  6. Planks, silk and gems boost

    Winds of Winter looking for players with planks, silk and gems boost! Contact persona1 to apply
  7. Events Military buildings

    I'm far from Shrooms level CrazyWizard - not helpful. I've just activated the monastery
  8. Other Several chests in the tournament

    CrazyWizard I win mostly spell fragments from the spire, it is very rare that I get a time booster or even anything else I would like to get more time boosters and I cant see why chests from events and the chests from tournaments cant include these also. More portal coins would not go a miss...
  9. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    Salador I was talking about the chests in the event. You dont get diamonds nor time boosters in them. It would be nice to get diamonds from them also but I think thats too much to ask. Time boosters on the other hand is very helpful. If we can get them in the magic academy to craft, then we...
  10. Events Military buildings

    You can only train 5 sets of troops at a time and it does not take 24 hours to train them. So instead of putting troops up to train by filling up all q's, and not worrying about them until the next day, you have to train troops every few hours. I want a huge army and not be bothered about...
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    When will the next FA be? Is it not overdue by now?
  12. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    Could we have time boosters included in the event chests please? We don't seem to get a lot of these. You're lucky if you can score some in the spire,. Most of the time you get spell fragments when what you really wanted was the time boosters. Atleast thats why i play the spire. Any other...
  13. Other Several chests in the tournament

    I dont want more chest. I would like to see time instants as rewards. We seem to get these mostly in the spire and not always in other events. It would be nice if the weekly tournaments also include time boosters since not all of us can do or even complete the spire.
  14. Events Military buildings

    Also it would only be mandatory if you made it so. If you dont want to fight, nothing prevents you from trading all the time.
  15. Events Military buildings

    I disagree. I would love to be able to train 24/7. I played a wargame before where this is exactly what we did. You could build 14 or 15 barracks and put down 15 ques (1 for each barrack) and train 24/7. It was based on population of course. If all ques were not filled, you can train once every...
  16. Events Military buildings

    Hi Could you please bring in more military buildings? Or atleast events that have them. It does not make sense that we have 15 type of troops but can only train them in a few spots depending on how far your barracks is upgraded; the max being 5. Ideally we should be able to have more than...
  17. Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    I think its an unfair event after the May event we just had. Its asking for encounters again when we already had to do so many of them in the May event. Please come up with something different like gaining supplies or goods or even scouting. Not more encounters please. Its already difficult...
  18. Discussion May Celebrations

    May Tree Celebration I have looked at the May event on elvengems and from the information on there, there is about 66 encounters (more or less) so you will need to scout atleast 9 provinces to do these quests. This might be easy for the lower levels (up to a point) until troops and resources...