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  1. User Interface Refresh academy and military buildings’ state on tap in the app

    Hi all, when you return back to the app, usually you can see all the productions... except for the academy and military buildings, even though they are finished as well. You need to have at least 1 transaction with the server to see the finished spells/units. I suggest, that when you tap those...
  2. User Interface Update Wonder invested KPs on tap in the App

    Dear all, I would like to see, that as soon as you tap and open the wonder window, the amount of invested KPs are refreshed. For now, the only way to see if you received the expected KP amount is to quit end restart the app.
  3. Other Mobile - Make appear reward chest for helping in your own city

    Hi Folks, I was wondering, if we could get that reward chest for helping in our own city while we help neighbors on mobile. Currently you don’t have any means to receive that reward on mobile. So for mobile players there is an AW, which is not beneficial. The rewards could show up in our own...
  4. Need help - Fairy chapter vs population

    Hi Everyone, I have some doubts with my live city (Server: HU1). I am in Fairies chapter about 7 days ago, currently working on the settlement. I wanted to plan the city in advance, so I can start build/upgrade as soon as I have the techs unlocked. I just calculated, that if I want to upgrade...