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  1. [Discussion] Some strange developments...

    How about troll ?
  2. [Discussion] InnoGames TV - December Episode

    glad to see that pve option expanding :)
  3. Quests Don't require us to build manufactories for which we have no boost

    I got magic dust check and just build elixir manufactory and I upgrade to lv3 and quest its not completed ???? how did you got completed????
  4. Diamonds are mandatory?

    players should get free diamonds from elvenar , for all the mistakes and bugs we find for all the gold supply or quests we loose,, how many of us have to chancel many quests cose of bug (its fix now) but for long time human had to do elves quests , or for fights that were bugged and costs us...
  5. [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.12

    step by step, thx , for new update. looks like trading and guild system a nd some sort of pvp is far faaaar away in plans , cant wait to see more.. patiently waiting :)
  6. Our cities in numbers ...

    My current total city size: 650 fields Neighbors 'discovered': 52 'Help' by neighbors: 7-10 daily. Producing level due culuture 120% - 100 % Diamonds used 56 of the 100 initial diamonds (don't know where, 'they disappeared' some day ...) Global ranking 50-100 (playing without...
  7. How many encounters can you 'fight' per day?

    I have 41 discover neighbors , I stopped fighting in provinces due to lack of goods to unlock on tech tree out of 23 pages of trade 90% got planks and scrolls to trade with it,, im one of them :) in my neighborhood stone and crystals are super needed , I only fight if got quest asking for...
  8. New Game Features PvP

    pvp dosent have to be as you mention , im sure there are a lot of possibilities with getin pvp up in elvenar in a way that none of the other games got it,. I hope it will come in here at some point.
  9. Who picked up my trade offerings?

    so to be something new and unique .... in our new chat in elvenar ...all msg's should be automatic translate in to a English so when I wrote something in Polish , after I hit enter , it will show already translated , or using any other language ,
  10. Whats your Boost % rate now ?

    Allan you be new member until you post enough post's on forum
  11. Duplicate Great building

    I don't see any harm on adding "great building " it could be a different name , could be just one not 50 of them and able to upgrade and it would change as main hall do, dosent have to be in a city, could be right outside for elfs could be on that lake , get you to do some side...
  12. Whats your Boost % rate now ?

    214% planks and scrolls .... to bad 90% neighbors got planks and scrolls too ><
  13. City [Forwarded] Possibility to upgrade culture buildings

    upgrade culture sounds good as long it stays same size and it wont cost arm and leg ><
  14. City [Forwarded] multiply polish on culture

    don't count on something that can never happen, go step by step , this is not guild's topic this is for getin more culture so I stay with my idea then with two of you ....or get your own ideas up ...
  15. City [Forwarded] multiply polish on culture

    option to get culture building polish more then once , if first polish gives you 100% extra maybe second polish will get 75 % ? ..and then if im not pushing third polish with 50% and any more polishes after that , will be 25%
  16. [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.10

    uhhh I see someone is getin black eye
  17. Goods without boost on them

    yes if you have planks in research tree that mean its your boosted good , you can see what other boosted goods you got by checking your tree research, also boosted goods increase by fighting/negotiating those sectors ( planks in you case )
  18. Suggestion about Helping Neighbours

    agree with RugBug ! .....all I hope that treading with neighbors will get better,
  19. Missing tips on missions

    +1 on all missions tips !