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  1. HisaRose

    Ancient Wonders overview

    Hello, I would like to collect the information about who has which Ancient Wonders. It shall facilitate the search for needed runes, so people get KP donations and the others get the desired runes. Win Win :) Kind regards HisaRose
  2. HisaRose

    Either... or game

    Easy rules, you answer the either... or question of the person above and state a new either... or question :) Either spaghetti or pizza?
  3. HisaRose

    Training Grounds

    Hello everyone :) I asked myself if (when I have barracks) still need training grounds when you only can train 5 units at the same time. Will I need them one day, like at a further chapter you will be able to train more than 5 units at the same time? :) Thank you for all help! ;) Kind regards...
  4. HisaRose

    Hello everybody! ;)

    Hi, I have already played for a time on the beta server. My main account is on the german server "Elcysandir" and I wanted to test the upcoming features so I started playing on the beta server for almost 6 months. I play actively on both accounts and I am in great fellowships ;) I am happy...