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  1. Letheia

    Not a Bug ESC button

    The ESC key is not affecting the "Back to Province" and "Awesome!" buttons during the tournament. Haven't checked if it doesn't work elsewhere. I suspect this is a bug.
  2. Letheia

    Fixed [20145] MA Busted

    Magic Academy can't make enchantments and all enchantments previously made are gone. *Edit- Interestingly, the MM enchantment i had queued up is there when i hover over the MA, but it is stuck at 6 hours and is not counting down. I'm on Mac OS Sierra Google Chrome
  3. Letheia

    Fixed Reocurring Offer #11 Misspelling

    In Reocurring Offer #11 (Wand) pop up it says: Gain 1 "Magical Manufactoring" Enchantment 1 times. Manufacturing is misspelled.
  4. Letheia

    Fixed Grape Farm Flavor Text

    In the Grape Farm collect pop-up flavor text, the second sentence says: "Especially when processed into juice and various kind of candy". It should say "various kinds of candy".
  5. Letheia

    Not a Bug Province Ring Difficulty Went Up from Previous Setting

    I had a ring of Provinces (ring 9) set to Medium difficulty for a few days. I scouted 3 of them when they were at medium, and I have not completed the 3 medium difficulty provinces, yet. When I went to start my scout today, that ring is now set to Hard. The 3 that I have already scouted in that...
  6. Letheia

    Fixed [17743] FS Adventure Ranking Search Function

    When trying to find a Fellowship's progress on the FS Adventure Ranking the search function does not find results. Screenshots show the FS "ELVENAR", but searching for that FS brings up no results.
  7. Letheia

    Unit Info Discrepancy from In-Game to Wiki

    Hello! As can be seen from the screenshots, the damage and the hitpoints on the in-game unit info is a much different number than the one on the wiki, and i am hoping someone can give some clarification into this. What do these numbers have to do with each other? Why are the wiki numbers so much...
  8. Letheia

    Cannot reproduce Tournament "Encounter Solved" Window Stays After using Province Hotkeys

    Game version: v1.31-(1b0231415) (2017-05-18 13:04) Game world: zz1 Browser + version: Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) Flash Player version: Operating System: Screen resolution: Account name: Letheia Humans or Elves: Humans Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always Quest title: (if...
  9. Letheia

    Duplicate Rune Shard Icon not properly loading

    When i complete a province or get a reward, the Icon for the Rune Shard that I am getting does not show up. Wasn't certain for the first Province that I had received a Rune Shard, so I checked for the second one and did in fact get a Shard for that one.
  10. Letheia

    Not a Bug Negotiate Costs Not Matching the Province

    I don't know if this is actually a bug, but i'm in Chapter 4 doing a Silk province and the tier 2 negotiation costs are only Scrolls. I would expect to use more of my Silk than my Scrolls for Silk Province Negotiations. I also have a Magic Dust Province where 7 of the 8 encounters are...
  11. Letheia

    World Map Tournament Province Navigation

    It would be neato mosquito to have a way to navigate to the next tournament province even if it is still 'being prepared' for the next round. That way we can see how much time is left before it unlocks. When we go to the Tournament Tent icon on the World Map, if we have a province that still has...
  12. Letheia

    Gaps in the Military Ancient Wonders

    Here are the current gaps in the Military Ancient Wonders. Just some info i find interesting, do what you will with it. These are things that more than likely will be put into Wonders in the future. Wonders that produce units from the barracks: Light Melee (Dwarven Bulwark) Light Ranged (Shrine...