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  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The announcement says Map 2: Tome of Soul Experiments (Includes 4 set pieces of Soul Experiments Set and one Soul Lab Artifact) Map 3: Solunar Nexus Artifact Tinlug, Star Serpent Artifact So the Tome of Golem Artifacts (map 2) and Tome of Ancient Promise (map 3) that we are currently listed as...
  2. Hide Buildings

    Thanks for this new addition to the web version of the game :)
  3. Season of Secrets

    Is there a way to read the announcement without having a Discord account?
  4. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    I've done quest 55 and the next quest is locked - opening in 7.5 hours.
  5. Discussion A Gateway into the Past 2023

    The numbers on ElvenArchitect make it clearer. When fully evolved in chapter 9 it is 7600 and 6080 mana, so 13680 total. In chapter 11 it is 13400 mana and 2320 seeds.
  6. Is Beta dying?

    We can use the tournament rankings as an imperfect guide to how many active players there are. Currently 1378 people have scored points this week. So I am not convinced that there are more than 2500 active players on beta at the moment.
  7. Question Amount of CCs needed n crafting

    A 1 CC increase on pet food. So: 1650 spell fragments is now 1650 SF and 1 CC 2 CC and 5 relics is now 3 CC and 5 relics I've not noticed anything else that has increased, but I do not maintain a complete list.
  8. Discussion Ancient Wonders Level Overview on Browser

    Thanks, this looks good. One possible improvement: It would be good to be able to see the level information for AWs that you have not currently researched. This would aid in planning which ones to get - especially useful in the chapters where the AWs are optional research.
  9. Confirmed [44455] Bakers Hats Randomly get stuck on screen

    I've had this happen for the latest event. Oddly though, the first one I collected is stuck on screen, but I've collected a second one and that correctly disappeared.
  10. Fixed [44203] MA changed processing items?

    Mine are showing similarly. The time is wrong for those being MMs, but right for them being CCs. I used time boosts to speed up production and one that was showing as a MM was a CC when collected.
  11. Fixed [44816] Scoreboard is out of whack

    There is a map display issue. See in the image that there are multiple checkpoints as being open, including ones that are required to have been complete before a further one is open. Such as the first tri-colour on the blue path and the blue one on the pond. If you attempt to open one of these...
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I think the map display issue is the cause. My FS were on 13700 points. I opened one of the already complete 300 point tri-colour checkpoints and we are now on 14000.
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I'm also seeing something odd with the checkpoint indicators - we've completed ones that follow ones that show as open And if I refresh I see ones go from open -> complete and from complete -> open.
  14. Cannot reproduce Unable to open shop

    I've not seen the issue again since Friday.
  15. Cannot reproduce Unable to open shop

    Yes, it is working for me now.
  16. Cannot reproduce Unable to open shop

    Game version: 1.177.1-4ae47e4-256 (zz 1.178) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Android 11 Operating System or Mobile Device: moto g(9) plus Screen resolution: 2400x1080 Account name: owl76 Humans or Elves: Human Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: Shop gives an error message...
  17. Answered Clarification on Chapter Migration

    I had a chapter 3 city that was auto-migrated to chapter 5. Will this be migrated to chapter 6? I'm trying to understand the impact of the chapter migrations being split into two parts.
  18. Fixed Tier 3 goods not available from the wholesaler

    Yes, this is fine for me now. I am wondering if it is tied to the quests. I've completed a lot of those in the last 24 hours and I am now definitely up to chapter 5 quests.
  19. Fixed Tier 3 goods not available from the wholesaler

    This is now fixed for me :)