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  1. Fa beverages change

    Nowhere can I find a post to say beverages have gone back to 50 from the 25 they have been in recent fas. They have been 25 for a badge recently.
  2. Discussion The Season of Joy

    This quest should be called something other than Easter as it it a Christian holiday and not celebrated by all religions.
  3. Discussion Realm of the Phoenix

    Received this request. For anyone finished with chapter 20 this is just about impossible to complete as research s done and scouting can take longer than 5 days.
  4. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    I still can’t get that version for the iPhone and cannot see the event. Then to add insult to injury I get this quest to collect event only event
  5. Discussion Season of Dreams

    I dont know about you but the rerolls are not working for me . I click on them and nothing happens. As far as carrying over quests to the following week or weeks, you still have an unreasonable quest that keeps looming til done if the rerolls are not working
  6. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Today I got a weekly quest for using 4 pet food. I don’t even get 4 pet foods offered a week so this is not sustainable. I know there is a reset possible in weekly quests but how about a realistic amount in the first place. .
  7. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Why does inno insist on making things more complicated? Every time they release a new style of event they cause confusion by changing how things work. We have never had rewards locked out of the list of available regular rewards and made into pay to play rewards with diamonds. It is not clear...
  8. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    i am still wrestling with how this all works Why limit player movement to something like 18 hours a week in order to allow player to participate in spire band tourney in new fs? We have often seen a player make a mistake in moving and been timed out for 24 hours, locking them out for an entire...
  9. lack of pet food

    Maybe we should have 6 slots in the ma with the last slot always being pet food.
  10. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Does anyone else feel as a seasoned player the league name amateur is offensive?