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  1. Not a Bug Questgiver

    some will give Diamonds when you reach higher chapters, so yes, its stupid for all starting to play the game and those which arent there and there can be more than 5 Questgiver, so there is no problem to let all there and no need to delete 1 By the way, most players dont care about the other...
  2. Not a Bug Questgiver

    Thanks for your answer but that is really stupid because i dont care of the events. I like to replace the event ones with the normal ones.
  3. Not a Bug Questgiver

    Since this 2nd event started i miss 1 of my normal Questgiver I like to get that back instead of a 2nd Event. Thanks
  4. Incomplete Server Error

    Last 5 minutes or
  5. Fixed [36926] Render config JSON not found

    I had the same to day at ~ 9:15. At ~ 11:40 i was able to log in. Now there was an Update and the same problem is there again. Nice work Inno.
  6. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    What a joke. After Quest 15 got changed and a research was added Quest 25 dont got an additional change Mabe you giv us the chance to decline those quests when we dont want the keys or let us decline the event at start or when we want.
  7. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Last Event Quest 21 had no choice for the CC, this Event it starts at Quest 15 Thanks that im done with this event so early and my hope is that in 5 months Quests starts with CC only, so that i can ignore the complete Event. Inno, it's time to let the players choose if they want to play an...
  8. Cannot reproduce [34045] City disappeared ?!

    same with Flash it works again, HTML5 seems to be broken
  9. Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Anyone can be so kind and tell me how many KP needed for first research. Thanks
  10. Duplicate Research - Progress

    Its nice that the window also shows the progress for the missing KP needed, but the place seems not to be perfect
  11. Fixed [32265] Tech tree is broken

    same for me and Quests seems to be broken too EDIT: Got 247k Coins from Golden Abyss right now and still nothing changed
  12. Not a Bug Air Traders Voyage Quest 10

    Forget it
  13. Discussion Spire of Eternity

    is there a fault, the first fight seems to be the same as last weeks one, and that never happended the 45 times before?
  14. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Anyone be so kind and can let me know how many Knowledge Points are needed for Senate, thanks.
  15. Cannot reproduce Can't log in to beta on browser

    for me it seems that Beta Server is offline, if i use https://zz0.elvenar.com/web/glps (which i always use to go to Beta) then it send me to https://en.elvenar.com/ where im not registered, so my playername will not be found there (thats correct) if i try to go to Beta from there with it send...
  16. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    It took some time to screen the old and new trading ratios, but i finally finished it If something is wrong please let me know where and i change that. First the changes for 2 star rating looks better, still not where they should be but better. On the other side the max. trading should be...
  17. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    This Event is unfair like those before. Why you give the first ame 9 Quest to all and start with Quest 10 an unfair "Lottery" one. With which rigth some have to make 2 Basket of Groceries while the others may get the part with 3 Advanced Tools? While those with the 2nd part can easy go on...
  18. Fixed [Wiki] Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    Its only wrong in Wiki so no Bug
  19. Fixed [Wiki] Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    Wiki still at still no commend or checking from your side?
  20. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    First step into right direction but when you write why you dont take the simplest way and delete cross trades and only allow trades with the same tiers? Exchange Rate from Tier 3 to Tier 2 will become 1 : 1 when you calculate the place needed to run only 1 manufactury (including Streets...