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  1. Discussion The Cauldron

    Yes sorry I meant runes. Relics are used in the magic academy when making spells like provisions, CCs, etc.
  2. Discussion The Cauldron

  3. Discussion The Cauldron

    You can use relics to fill the research in your AW. Each relic is 15 KP if you use it in a neighbors AW and 10 KP if you use it in your AW
  4. Discussion The Cauldron

    I created a general mayhem potion. I had no option to stop brewing. It forced me to make several of the same potion but you can only keep one. I had to discard 2. Apparently once you successfully brew a potion you have to use it right away. (I didn't have any other choice just a "bottoms...
  5. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I am only beginning chapter 2. My Quest today (Quest 26) is to invest kp in any AW. I am no where near able to research that in the tech tree. With only 6 days left I guess I won't be able to collect any more awards. I recommend pairing that requirement with an alternate so those who are new...