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  1. City City provences

    There is plenty of room for additional Expansions. The grid allows for 163 Expansions to be placed. The current cap on Province expansions is 61, 47 are currently available through Research, and 35 can be purchased (if you can afford it). This leaves 20 spaces available for other purposes. That...
  2. Discussion Forum update

    Have to agree about the font size, have to set it to 15 to read what I am writing
  3. New Game Features Rune Fragments

    Broken Shards can already be used in any Wonder you wish. When you have 10 Broken Shards, open the Wonder you need a Rune for, press (or tap) 'Forge Rune'' and one of the vacant spots will be filled. ;)
  4. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    It is probably easier to change the game than it is to change the minds of players.
  5. Fixed [28802] Can't finish a tourney province

    Restart always fixed it for me.
  6. Fixed [25076] Set buildings showing as not connected when they are

    Can confirm that move mode triggered the issue, even though none of the affected buildings was moved.
  7. Discussion Release Notes version 1.63

    And I can confirm that the Tent is working properly on the live 1.63 (EN server)
  8. Not a Bug 4 runes completed quest to gain 5 runes

    Do you have the Ancient Wonder that gives you an extra Relic for a completed Province?
  9. World Map [WM] CANCEL button on SCOUTING

    More in favour of a confirmation rather than a cancel, but something! :cool:
  10. Cannot reproduce Debuffs visual icons on the battlefield behaviour

    Had occasion to test this out a bit, with a possible result. Combat: 2 Mage squads (Bud Sorcs for me) versus 2 HM Squads (Knights in my experiments) Round 1: Movement only, no-one in range. Round 2: MageA and MageB both hit HMA, 2 round debuff applied. HMA hits MageA, HMB still out of range...
  11. Discussion [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.22

    A lower level player can get 1000 Marble for less than 4000 Planks by using the trade window, even on this server. It's even easier on live. This is not the primary purpose of the Wholesaler. Complaints about the developers not making the game easier for lazy players or those who fail to plan...
  12. Battle [Battle] Start Formation and Map Overview

    Definite 'Yes' vote. Not so much for the order, which can be accomplished by choosing your squads in the right order, but for the map. It only needs to be a thumbnail to be useful.
  13. Discussion [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.22

    The new Wholesaler is a perfect example of the statement 'we take your feedback seriously'. The stated purpose of the Wholesaler is to allow a Player to dispose of excess Coin and Supplies or to gain a small amount of non-Boosted Goods with a large amount of Boosted Goods. The previous...
  14. What is the point of Beta Feedback?

    This Wholesaler HAS been changed dramatically from what was offered earlier. Previously we had a total of 6 choices, one for each of the non-Boosted Goods, and if you did not have an excess of what he wanted for the Good you needed, you were out of luck. Now, there are three choices for each of...
  15. Answered Can Treants Beat Up Heavy Melee Units Also?

    Each unit has 2 types they are stronger against, 2 types the are weaker against, and their own type, for which they enjoy neither advantage nor disadvantage. So yes, Treants can be used as tanks to absorb damage, if you can get them to grab the aggro. You have a chance by having them move first...
  16. Not a Bug 5 and 6 figure numbers at health points

    Figures are based on Squad size. In Barracks you get your regular squad size, in tournaments you get the figure for the Tournament squad. Probably done on purpose, but not particularly helpful.
  17. Quests [Quests] Quest idea

    Have to say this would go a long way towards dealing with one of the major grizzles about the slowdown campaign. +1 @SoggyShorts Note that the OP did specify quests in the storyline to auto-complete (like the research quests).
  18. Communication [Communication] Notification Screen Overhaul

    Notification system definitely needs an overhaul. voted yes. Pointing out: The limitation atm is not 9 pages, the limitation is 50 Notifications. This is not enough for Trades (for some people) or for Neighborly Helps (for most active people). For the other 2 tabs it would be ample. A time...
  19. New Game Features Able to close the pop-up window after the tournament ends (without showing the results).

    It is not the one extra click, it is the delay while the system accesses a spate of information that I have no interest in, even if I have participated in the tournament. +1 for this idea.
  20. Discussion [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.15

    Old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. :eek: