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Game Rules

The following are InnoGames rules for the game Elvenar. The rules are defined by InnoGames and applied by the Support team. Please be aware that by registering an account on Elvenar, you are committed to following these rules.

• In this document we use 'Game Worlds' to refer to the sections of a language server or market. Example: Beta 1 is one world of the Beta server.
• Some rules may mention features which are not yet implemented at this stage of the game.

§1 Communication

The following rule applies to all content (posts, profiles, private messages) generated in Elvenar and to each area of the game where players can post their own text or graphics, including the Support system.

• Insulting other players and the use of language in an abusive/offensive context is forbidden.
• We do not accept profiles, player names, fellowship names or any other publications that the Support team finds to be illegal, insulting, threatening, abusive, real-life-aggressive, sexual, politically extreme, religiously fanatic, racist, playing down the use of illegal drugs or promoting the use of said substances or in any way inappropriate.
• Advertisements or links to other web based games, referral systems or money making schemes are forbidden.
• Spamming other players with in-game mails is abusive and will not be tolerated.
• It is forbidden to share any communications between yourself and support in any place or with any other player. These communications are considered confidential and private.

§2 Language

• This Elvenar version is the Beta version and its language is English. The use of other languages in the game, forum and support is forbidden.
• In fellowship forums, private communications, and player profiles a short phrase in another language is permitted, provided that this is translated to English either directly following or preceding it.
• Support tickets must also be created in understandable English, in order to get help.
• It is allowed to use other languages to the extent of proper names and short, universally known maxims.

§3 Account sharing

• Players must keep their own login data, passwords and access data secret. Disclosing your password to other players is strictly prohibited.
• As a player, you can only play your own account. Accessing another player’s account is strictly prohibited.
• Make sure to choose a secure password and remember it is your responsibility to keep it secret. Please inform us promptly if third parties gain unauthorized access to your account.
• If someone gives you their own password, please report them.

§4 Account trading

• It is forbidden for accounts to be involved in any commercial activity.
• It is not allowed to sell, buy or offer accounts or parts of accounts (resources, Diamonds, Knowledge Points etc.) in exchange for Diamonds, real money or any other outside benefit.
• Trades involving more than one Game World are also forbidden.

§5 Bots, scripts or macros

• Players are not entitled to use mechanisms, software, programs or other routines that could disrupt our systems.
• The use of bots, scripts and macros for the reproduction or evaluation of the game is not permitted.
• It is strictly forbidden to use browser add-ons or scripts that automatically collect your resources, to use programs that mimic premium features or provide an unfair advantage, and/or to use click-bots or scripts that click for you automatically or decrease your manual clicks.

§6 Bugs

• It is prohibited to exploit bugs or faults in the games' programming and during gameplay that could represent an advantage for you or for other players.
• Each player is required to report any bug immediately to the Support team.
• Benefits derived from exploiting bugs may need to be reimbursed.

§7 Pushing

• Operating a “push-account” is forbidden. This is defined as unbalanced routine resource (resources, Knowledge Points etc.) transfers from one account to the next even if involved accounts do not belong to the same player. It is forbidden to create trades in any form (goods, Knowledge Points etc.) that involve multiple worlds.
• Please note that it is strictly forbidden to use the invite feature to invite yourself or players that share an internet connection with you.

§8 Fair-play

• It is expected that each and every player acts respectfully towards other players, and the Support team. This means following the rules and creating a fun and fair environment for players.
• The rules can be adapted to different cases in the interests of maintaining fair-play within the game. The Support team is the final arbiter of any rules dispute. Our interpretation of the rules is final. We reserve the right to exclude anyone from the game. All players have the right to appeal via the Support System.

§9 Report breach of rules

• If you believe someone is breaking the rules, you can contact the Support team and report it. Knowingly benefiting from another player breaking the rules is prohibited. If you think you have benefited from a breach of rules, please report this.
• It is forbidden to incite other players to commit a rule violation. The attempt is punishable and need to be reported.

§10 Changes

• InnoGames reserves the right to adjust or change the rules at any time. Each rule change will be communicated within the appropriate channels.

§11 Miscellaneous

• Even in situations that are not clearly covered by the rules, the Support team can proceed with punishment or ban.
• Inappropriate behavior towards the Support team, as well as the abuse of the ticket system, can also lead to account ban and/or being denied access to the support system.
• Players are responsible for the validity of the email address linked to their own account.
• Please be aware that in-game items can be removed from an account as a punishment.
• Game accounts may be deleted from Game Worlds after 30 days of inactivity. Please note that any Diamonds left on the account will remain on the master account and will not be deleted.
• If an account has been banned because of severe violations of the rules, no premium purchases (Diamonds) will be refundable or transferable.
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