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  1. Enar's Embassy needs serious rework

    I'm one of those that just had to build all of the wonders - lol. I love the suggestion made above about raising the cap on shards - if that was added to Enar's that would be a nice benefit. Still wouldn't make it a great AW though.
  2. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    I've been doing 1:1.5 or even 1:1 for 1 tier difference trades for a while - so I really like this idea. how about 1:1.5 for 1 tier difference and 1:3 for 2 tier difference - since there seems to be some differences in opinion between 2.25 and 4 for the 2 tier difference. Not a true splitting...
  3. Discussion The Amuni

    @Jaxom - actually I'm planning on ignoring the quests as long as I can while I concentrate on the tech tree.
  4. Discussion The Amuni

    Came up with a layout that allows me to have the 8/4 (think I put them in backwards this - but the space is the same) that will be required. Losing both of my set building sets to create the space to move stuff. City is going to be very ugly until I can tear down this mess. Also will have to...
  5. Discussion Release Notes version 1.60

    Based on the math I just looked at - if you have purchased EVERY premium expansion, have earned EVERY available province expansion and placed EVERY available tech tree research expansion - you will still be 3 slots short of filling the new 'row' of expansion slots. Fingers crossed that they...
  6. What is the POINT of Beta

    I don't disagree with you @ashram - I just believe they put more priority on sticking to a schedule that appears to be set in stone instead of actually looking at the feedback and asking if there are adjustments or tweaks they can make that make certain changes more palatable for the players. I...
  7. Compensation announcement

    @Marindor Thank you for the explanation. It is appreciated. Although to be honest something like that should have been posted within a few days (if not hours) of the complaints being posted by the players. Again, communication is one of the biggest problems this game has. And something as...
  8. What is the POINT of Beta

    From what I've the Beta sever is NOT treated like a Beta environment. INNO has a hard and fast (set in stone schedule) and it seems like only an act of god will prevent them from releasing on that schedule. I believe the only time they held back an update was the initial change to the trader -...
  9. User Interface Show AW reward chests before donations

    Don't know if this would actually increase sniping as suggested. I used to hate snipers jumping on my AWs and taking chests from my fellowship. But sniping seems to have diminished considerably over the last year so I don't see it as being that serious of a risk. I think this is a great idea.
  10. Fellowships Remove tournament ranks add more info to fs tournament tab

    +1 Kinda First if you notice the example the OP posted - the player's score is still listed - so I think it would be safe to assume that INNO would still sort the player list on the fellowship tournament tab by score - thus players would still know their ranking based on the rest of fellowship...
  11. Discussion Release Notes version 1.54

    I think several people have hit on a good point with this change. A number of players did spend real money on events to purchase extra of the essence, feathers, etc. to get the prizes they wanted - heck INNO encourages this with being able to use diamonds to get extra and specials for purchasing...
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.52

    I like the idea of only having a 5 kp instant - makes it more flexible to use. I can put several on one AW if I want to drop a large amount there - or I can hit several AWs.
  13. Discussion Elementals

    I suspect we will eventually see something that will require the other goods - so asking them to change the runes required for spells is on going to be a short term solution.
  14. Discussion Release Notes version 1.51

    I prefer to see the names - but if they are concerned about the size then if they reordered so they were AW order by chapter and not by number of runes - it MIGHT be easier to adjust to.