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Recent content by WizardGandalf

  1. WizardGandalf

    Discussion Tournament changes

    I have started doing 24 provs each week in live worlds to build up stock so if these changes do actually create a shortage in relics of a certain kind. I Will Be Prepared!! unless I'm really not in need of a certain relic! but I beleive we will be short on relics needed for asended goods boost...
  2. WizardGandalf

    Discussion Tournament changes

    It will be not about how many chests we get as a FS, the 20 relics come at ten chests for the FS is the same as it was before ! In order to keep up inventory for the Crafting in the MA we will have to work all Tournies equally to keep up. We used to be able to choose which tournies we need to...
  3. WizardGandalf

    Discussion Tournament changes

    So in order to keep your relic inventory up for the the comsumable relics U will have to push through all tournies Very Sad???/
  4. WizardGandalf

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    After playing in beta I have found that even if you finish all Quests You will not get into the top league !! The only way you can get the top prizes is to spend diamonds!!! Very Sad !!
  5. WizardGandalf

    Discussion Tournament changes

    I think this change is like trying to find a problem to fix that doesn't exist! Very stupid and if this goes to live worlds it will be the last day I play this game. TELL THEM TO NOT DO THIS TO THE TOURNIES PLEASE
  6. WizardGandalf

    Not a Bug Information Image overlap quest

    How does this story line work Is there a way to collect from the quests?? Namaste