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Recent content by WatashiwaAki

  1. WatashiwaAki

    Looking for an active Fellowship

    Are you looking for a new team? Or you already found one? :)
  2. WatashiwaAki

    Beta is down ?

    The owl got a bug because the yesterday updated. If I know right. :)
  3. WatashiwaAki

    New members

    Hi Everyone! :) We are looking for new members again. We are a very friendly, English speaking group. We're a good team with good results, but without pressure: we are playing here for fun and testing everthing new. We are 178th fellowship in rankings. We get every tournament at least 7...
  4. WatashiwaAki

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I don't want to build the new one... So I don't care, now I have a brown bear lvl 5. (After adventure lvl 6)
  5. WatashiwaAki

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Me too
  6. WatashiwaAki


    You can come my fellowship. ;) I am hungarian too, and some of my fellows too. :D My team name is Subarashii Aki.
  7. WatashiwaAki

    New members

    Hi! :) We are looking for new, active fellows, who are happily and actively involved in events. My fellowship name is Subarashii Aki (english: Wonderful Autumn). We are a small, but a strong team. ;) We have members from all over the world, so most of the time we chat in english. Our the most...