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  1. Ursus Major

    Duplicate bug in the fellowship window

    Game version: v1.156-beta.6-(38ffdfe) - html5 (2022-07-06 18:24) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Google chrome Version 98.0.4758.109 (Build officiel) (x86_64) Operating System or Mobile Device:IOS mac big sur 11.5.1 Screen resolution: retina 16 pouces (3072 × 1920) Account name...
  2. Ursus Major

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Well, i found this new system very relevant. It's effective and makes the FA really much easier for the players. I appreciate also as a mage to be able to see who has played or not, but the icon is quiet very hard to find. Maybe that's a progress I suggest. But for the rest thanks really !
  3. Ursus Major

    Not a Bug the promotion icon opens the elvenar news windows

    Game version: v1.149-beta.6-(f310b0d) - html5 (2022-03-01 18:23) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: IOS mac big sur 11.5.1 Operating System or Mobile Device: Screen resolution: Account name: Ursus Major Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 =...
  4. Ursus Major

    Discussion The Buried City

    Really, I don't find this building interesting at all, I will not spend diamonds on that. The time boost might be more interesting if there were much much higher.
  5. Ursus Major

    Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Edit Marindor: Please don't spoil the fun for the rest, but use spoiler tags instead. I've already added them for you this time.
  6. Ursus Major

    Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    First of all thanks for this new building with unurium !!! great . Really , at last something usefull for the old players ;) But why do we gain relics ??? really ??? I can understand that the new players can be interseted by winning them... But the old ones ??? we have plenty of them Why did...
  7. Ursus Major

    Chapter 19 coming soon?

    Thanks Marindor for the respons We. are quiet a lot of people in the same situation than Jaxon on the lives, so I have the same question than Jaxom from 3 fellowships thank you for taking the time to respond
  8. Ursus Major

    Chapter 19 coming soon?

    is it possible that the moderators answer the question asked: should we activate the 2 wonders of the 18th chapter to access the next chapter please ???
  9. Ursus Major

    Chapter 19 coming soon?

    Well, I am agree with Jaxom, it's "Rather stupid to do mislead your most loyal players. I really wish that someone would confirm this before the chapter is released." On the chapter "the trader of Unur" we didn’t need to activate the two wonders to move on to chapter 18. If Inno confirms the...
  10. Ursus Major

    Chapter 19 coming soon?

    Hello, no you need at least to activated one of them for the final quest. The best one, (it's my point of view of course) is the temple of spirit witch gave you unurium... that save some divine seeds of your trader
  11. Ursus Major

    Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest

    same here ... So no rewards
  12. Ursus Major

    Duplicate Time boost problem

    Version du jeu: v1.140-beta.8-(a050f71) - html5 (2021-10-11 22:53) Jeu monde : Bet Navigateur/IOS/Android + version : IOS Système d'exploitation ou Appareil mobile : Mac bigsur 11.5.1 Résolution d'écran : Nom du compte : Ursus Major Humains ou Elfes : elves Reproductibilité : each time...
  13. Ursus Major

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    well.. I think that even if the look of the new panda is great (as usual, good design) the rewards are ridiculous , not enough mana to be interested and not enough T5 neither... I will not fight to have it...
  14. Ursus Major

    Atlas "les géants are seeking for new players (international guild)

    We are a french fellowship but we have members from all over the globe :) We are a very dynamic compagny, we open 10 chests or more on each tournament We are climbing the donjon to the top each week too (but we help players to do so :-) and we participate to the fellowship adventures too If...
  15. Ursus Major

    problem in quest number 35 for the event Sorcerer's homecoming

    Game version: v1.130-beta.8-(191f190) - html5 (2021-05-18 09:06) Game world: Beta1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: IOS Operating System or Mobile Device: MacOsCatalina Screen resolution: Account name: Ursus Major Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always Quest title: N°35 ...