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Recent content by Tomtimmon

  1. City Replace crafting artifacts in Magical Academy by "Tome of x artifacts"

    Actually they could start catching up now by offering three artifacts instead of two. Some of them I would be willing to spend diamonds on insta crafting
  2. Undocumented changes

    I can actually relate to that. I never manual fought and once the app came out I found it faster loading on my Chromebook and faster to reset my 10 cities ;-).
  3. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I thought the fog events were terrible. Then they brought this one in. Ridiculous!!
  4. Events Ghost in a Bottle Badges

    This is true for advanced cities which I get, but it would still help younger cities assist more in the FA
  5. Events Ghost in a Bottle Badges

    And another thing about ghost badges. I get that the boss encounters take either two or three fights to win. Why do they only give up 1 ghost badge. in the tourney it's one badge per fight. seems unbalanced to me. Can I start a poll or does a moderator have to do that?
  6. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    Can't do the tournemant until you reasearch it in chapter 4? Tournaments are the best thing you can do to help grow a new city!!!! INNO STIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Events Ghost in a Bottle Badges

    WHy do only Spire and Tournament Encounters count for Ghost in a Bottle Badges ??? Why not Map Encounters as well??? How many players would like to see this changed???
  8. New Game Features Wonder - change production time

    This REALLY needs to be put uo as a vote!!
  9. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    Well it hasn improved much as of yet. I started a new city and the only changes I noticed were in chapter one. Of course changing the tech tree is probably a big deal and will be done in stages. Then again INNO has a thing for fixing stuff that ain´t broke. Take the tourney. Making it one...
  10. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    HEY! If you wanted to make it easier for new cities why do you slow down spire and tourney participation? And what is this supposed ersearch for Fellowship Adventuers? KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. Chapter One: Lower all KP and Coin/Tool/Good requirements by 50%, Chapter Two: 40%. Chapter Three...
  11. What rule should go first?

    Quite correct, gee Bor, think you are the only one with a forum account?
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    So INNO made it easier to collect badges just to make it harder to make some badges and require more of them. WHAT WAS THE POINT?????
  13. Other Add Blueprint in the Spire

    Assuming All fellowships are created equal????
  14. Other Add Blueprint in the Spire

    I wholly agree with this +10
  15. New Game Features Spectral stone

    Well that explains it. I hardly ever touch the spire. Thank you.