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Recent content by TomatoeHu

  1. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Winter Magic

    So the winter fairs in my old winter set, is still better at 3 chapters below my current, and with opportunity to resto spell them up, this evolving building is not worth its 16 squares. Also, i have handily packed up all tier 2 from my city so not bothering with a gingerbread mansion. This...
  2. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.93

    Hmm, seems awfully familiar, where have i heard this before? At least it is getting closer ;)
  3. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Mizpah You mistaken my meaning, no worries :) I will clarify. There is no need to make the FA more difficult or easier, the game should use the same requirements and rules across all events, adventures and challenges. Simple restructuring of the badge type and quantities easily eliminates...
  4. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I do not understand why we need current/ previous level buildings for events yet Inno insists on keeping level 1 towns for FA. This is a horrible inconsistency. There would need to be changes to 24/48 badges by removing them and reducing the number of blacksmiths required. Not hard to do, and...
  5. TomatoeHu

    Players dropping like flies?

    There is a significant pull back from players on US servers, who used to find the game alluring. Players are calling Elvenar, "Tedious" and "A chore to play". This has resulted in many players choosing to reduce the number of servers they play on, to a single main account. Elvenar events have...
  6. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    This is a solid pass - there are 30 hrs of small time reductions as prizes, coin rain, windfalls and some KP. The end building is average. This one is not worth using time reductions on - at least don't go over 30 hrs worth so you break even for those who like a bit of extra torture:
  7. TomatoeHu

    Fixed [28951] Challenge - object Object

    If you really consider 15 kp a prize.... Bwhahhahhahahahaha
  8. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Wonderfully predictable answer by a moderator.. Scooby, What are you moderating here, your opinion of how cheating works in Elvenar? Too funny. Nice to jump in and ramble off some garbage about cheaters being the reason for yet another unimaginative crappy event. That we the forum, should accept...
  9. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    They're not really listening, just trolling
  10. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Oh, wouldn't it be nice to get to the last cycle of 9999 repeating quests.. I would settle for getting to the second round of 30 repeating quests. I received three of the same quest back to back so maybe back to drawing board and tell them that predictable, is getting the same quest three times...
  11. TomatoeHu

    Important Event Preparation

    So, what you are saying is that manufactories do not work the same as workshops, not the same at all.... Manufactories Do Not get the previous 3 chapter rule, they get minus one. Not the same at all. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Why? why are these not the same? what is happening over there that we need...
  12. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    This is just Inno's way to make the game more "Pay to Win" and the road blocks are on purpose to make you purchase diamonds to make it through the event. Not fooling me, I seem to recall a few events where the building bonuses get changed. I wont buy anything from Inno, there is no trust that...
  13. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    What you are doing is forcing players to all play the same city design. Boring. Inno wants us to play but remove the freedom to level buildings to their efficient levels, we must now level past that? Production and supplies vary with every strategy but if i must build the same as my neighbor...
  14. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    Yes, mobile app got some seriously slow, wiggly,"Victory!" swords. They dance about like i have nothing better to do then watch them... 4 second bad commercial between tournament spots.
  15. TomatoeHu

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    All animations ON/OFF setting, or, next to "turn off atmosphere", next to "turn off tournament animation"...