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  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Has guard badge become more difficult? I used to have tons of those, now despite getting full benefit from the last nights production I don't seem to have that many. Probably still enough, but would be nice to know.
  2. Events/FA balance

    New layout? Different map or different badges too? Or different everything?
  3. Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    They changed it to accept any encounter.
  4. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    I got into silver league. Based on previous results that's where I would expect to be with the amount of presents I was able to collect. Would be nice to know what kind of portrait gold league gave.
  5. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    " We do however expect that by the end of September we should have released it fully. " Really?
  6. Duplicate [37708] spire negotiations don't work

    Doesn't work in the mobile either. Result is that same weird text.
  7. Duplicate [37708] spire negotiations don't work

    Sorry, was so slow there is now older thread for this.
  8. Duplicate [37708] spire negotiations don't work

    Game version: v1.138-beta.18-(6cf21e5) - html5 (2021-09-10 09:11) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: edge Operating System or Mobile Device: windows Screen resolution: Account name: Tii... Humans or Elves: elves This happens when I try to negotiate.
  9. Fixed [37489] Can't log in to mobile app

    I've had the same problem since yesterday. It just gets stuck and then I have to reinstall just to get to live server where it works fine. Android, Motorola phone. Mobile connection.
  10. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    You may be right about this year, but last year there was two events without accompanying FA. Unless beta was different from live.
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    This time last year there was no FA. And while this event didn't give as many "extra" artifacts as may tree -event, it did give more than previous ones. So maybe no FA at all.
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Are you sure we get the in-game announcement?
  13. Duplicate Current Daily Prize Awarded is wrong chapter

    I'm in chapter 7 and also got the level 1 building.
  14. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    That's why tournament is important, to get hats from there.