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  1. Thunder Ray

    In game finished production notification

    I don't even think that's necessary. Just hover over the world map icon at the bottom and it says how much time remaining for scouts or no scouting. You would know if you set a scout, I think. My pet peeve is having to check when my Tourney provinces are ready. You can't access the province...
  2. Thunder Ray

    I doubt this should be possible :-)

    Yes, I created one accidentally when I was playing the FA. I put all my residences into storage, thinking I didn't need the coins but forgot about the population. I went negative. Then I put them all back and went positive again. As stated above, you just can't build anything when you're negative.
  3. Thunder Ray

    Cannot reproduce internal error while checking messages or notification

    see this thread https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/internal-error-while-checking-messages-or-notification.17623/
  4. Thunder Ray

    Duplicate Can not help FS members or neighbors :(

    See this thread https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/internal-error-while-checking-messages-or-notification.17623/
  5. Thunder Ray

    User Interface Like Button for Fellowship Conversations

    So I guess you don't want anyone to "Like" this post or any of your posts since it's not important to you. Does it actively effect you that there is a Like button here? Would it in the FS threads? Would you be able to tolerate it if the majority want it?
  6. Thunder Ray

    Other "Produce" Pet Food in the MA as well as craft it.

    I don't get why a player should have to wait a year (in order to get Timewarp) so they can have full benefit of dawn phoenix just by feeding it once/week. If you manage to get to stage 10, you should get full benefit immediately and it should last the gameplay week. Barring that Inno extends the...
  7. Thunder Ray

    New Game Features Make the game recognize scrolling versus collecting

    I also just found out that if you go into your Wonders window, then click on a Wonder to view your contributions, it collects any rewards that were still waiting for collection. That is inconvenient if you're waiting to collect those during an event. Meaning: if I want to complete more than one...
  8. Thunder Ray

    Discussion Easier Neighbourly Help

    I've used it a few times now. I only get to level 9 on the map before I tire of doing it. I think map collection is a good alternative for gaining a lot of coins, like I've already been doing, but now much faster. So that's a thumbs up for the change. Normally, I stick to the notifications...
  9. Thunder Ray

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    I don't even bother to check how many troops I have at the end of an auto-fight. I'm a quick clicker and when this 'feature' arrived, I worried that I would click too soon, causing it to malfunction and record a lower amount of surviving troops. Now, I am probably misunderstanding how the...
  10. Thunder Ray

    Fixed [39246] Something wrong with the MA

    I also have this exact problem on a Mac running BigSur and using Opera as my browser.
  11. Thunder Ray

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    As SoggyShorts & Enevhar Aldarion said, the polar bear is very helpful to shorten the wait for Tourney even at Level 1. I got one as soon as I realized this when I was in Ch. 4 thereabouts(Live). I couldn't level it until we had the pandabear swap for regular bears in the MA and now I'm at level...
  12. Thunder Ray

    Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    I got into gold league, probably because I bought keys a couple of times with my diamonds. Very nice Xmas gift. Thank you Inno.
  13. Thunder Ray

    Knowledge Sharing Fellowship Perks

    Sorry, I'm not sure which part of my post you are referring to. Is it 1KP/day seems uninspired? Or thinking that expiring KP isn't a big deal? Both? I understand that over time the KP could really accumulate if not expiring, but the same is true for hourly KP. If I didn't have to sleep or go do...
  14. Thunder Ray

    Knowledge Sharing Fellowship Perks

    I don't get why it is obvious to you. The announcement showed a 5KP button, not 1KP. Also, we already get free 1KP per hour so 1KP per day seems uninspired and not worth levelling the perk. I don't like the idea that you have to be online/logged in to receive the free KP as suggested somewhere...