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Recent content by Thorondhor

  1. Thorondhor

    kyhd, hello everybody

    Welcome here @kyhd , my dear swordwoman ;)
  2. Thorondhor

    Hi all,

    I really should read the beta forum more often :D Welcome, Isil ;)
  3. Thorondhor

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile!

    I don't like the second window... but I enjoy the new trader button
  4. Thorondhor

    New Game Features Blue print of tournament to upgrade event building

    +1 for using blue prints for event buildings/culture +1 for adding blueprints to the inventory :)Good idea
  5. Thorondhor

    World Map Mobile App: Personalized NH

    Oh, yes, it's an awesome idea ! pls add it !
  6. Thorondhor

    Communication of stage rewards is improved ?

    Okay, it's not a huge change... But It's good, some people have not well understood the first time
  7. Thorondhor

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hello ! Well, the rewards seem to be the same, and there is still so much clicking to do :( But I enjoy the new badge icons on the questgivers' portrait :)